five questions – darrah gooden

As soon as I saw Darrah Gooden’s  delicate Tiny Fawn paper collages and prints I wanted to know more about this Dallas artist. It’s always good to find something creative and lovely and realize the talent lives right here in our fair city. As it turns out, she’s also  mom to adorable two-year old Oliver, expecting a little girl in the spring, and wife to Michael, a local musician….a perfect fit for our five questions profile. You can see her artwork on display at Oak Lawn Coffee ( this month, or pop in to the open house next Thursday evening, Dec. 15 and say hi to Darrah. Until then, here’s a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes in her creative abode….


On heavy rotation – Sufjan Stevens,  Explosions in the Sky, Bon Iver, and All-Christmas-All-The-Time radio while driving in the car

On your nightstand –  My iPad and my current read, Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger

How you spur creativity in your kids – My mini studio tends to be (more than) a bit on the messy side with piles of colorful tissue paper and scraps. When I am working during the day outside of nap time, my son works alongside me, coloring and tearing paper bits and having his way on the studio floor.

Go to outfit – Well, due to being five months pregnant and the weather getting colder, even my go-to’s are a bit sparse and awkward these days. Lately I find myself living in maternity skinny jeans from Forever 21, a long gray or black v-neck from American Apparel, topped off with a Urban Outfitters cardigan and colorful scarf.

Favorite holiday tradition – Growing up I have great memories of decorating the tree and listening to old country Christmas records that included John Denver, Dolly Parton and The Oak Ridge Boys. Last year we, along with our tiny nephew, sister and brother in law, piled into “Loretta”, the band tour van, and drove around Oak Cliff and Highland Park to view the lights…hopefully this will become a tradition.