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There is such a beautiful Fall crispness in the air, isn’t there? It encourages lots of outdoor time in nature gathering autumnal treasures like acorns, colorful leaves and seedheads, until little noses and cheeks get rosy in the cold. It feels good — mood-shifting and elevating — to dig out jackets and boots and head out on some invigorating Fall excursion.

To that end, we suggest making the short jaunt south of the city to the Trinity River Audubon Center. With its beautiful main building (made almost entirely from recycled materials) to the brambley trails and view of the Trinity River, the Audubon Center is absolutely one of the most beautiful spots in Dallas, one of our favorite this-is-why-we-live-here places. Without fail, a walk through the woods looking for birds, marveling at the beehives, and collecting natural artifacts leaves us all feeling reconnected to those often neglected, essential wonderment parts of ourselves.  Get there, and leave feeling more whole.

 Triniy River Audubon Center / 6500 S. Loop 12 Dallas 75217 / Adults $6, kids 2 and under free, kids 3+ $3

After you get your fill of Nature, head over to Dallas Heritage Village for an Old Time Music Jam in the village print shop. I know we have quite a few very serious music-buff dads out there, so I wager this little activity might strike the fancy of those of you that, say… make your own instruments, have racks of instruments in hallways or keep instruments in tabernacle-like cases, one day dreaming of washing your hands of civilization for life on the road as a traveling family band where you’ll recount the full histories of Appalacian music-roots between sets like some PBS program. If you’re that kind of person, get haulin’ to this event. {Old music man image via here, which is quite the resource for old time music lovers.}

Dallas Heritage Village / 1515 South Harwood, Dallas / Adult $9, kids 4-12 $5


And of course we hope to see you Saturday for our Mark Bradford DIY at the DMA and Bows and Arrows! We’ve been cutting paper scraps, filling old tomato cans with paint brushes and pilfering paint samples from home improvement stores all week… so we hope your ready to get your mimic-art-making ON!

Last, but certainly not least, join us in bidding adeiu to Dallas’ most wonderful, game-changing, brick-and-mortar kids’ boutique, our very own Christine Visneau’s Little Bean. Christine and her family close the shop this weekend after two years of raising the bar on Dallas retail by proving that imagination and quality always triumph over excess and homogeny. We’ll sorely miss Christine’s beautiful little outpost there on Junius, where handmade clothes hung alonside some of the best and brightest in books and toys, but we’re a better city because it was there, and we’re all so very grateful. We all look forward to what’s next from one of our city’s most talented women!

Little Bean / 5308 Junius


  • joslyn

    wow…the guy you describe in the old time music jam piece sounds almost exactly like my hubby!!!

    so much goodness this weekend!