five questions — lori prestridge

More often than not, the women we feature in our “five questions” posts are moms we admire from afar, but every once in a while, the subject turns out to be someone we admire who is also a dear friend…  I’m a firm believer that the experience of motherhood is far richer when you’re lucky enough to have a “tribe” to commiserate (and celebrate) with, and Lori is among those people.  She’s a soul sister.

We met when our oldest girlies were classmates in pre-school four years ago, and over time casual hallway conversations about potty training, picky eating and ballet classes evolved into something deeper.  I discovered (among other things) that Lori is wickedly funny, fiercely loyal and beyond lovely (not to mention relentlessly organized and efficient…but then again she’s the executive assistant to VP and General Manager of Neiman Marcus’ downtown flagship store, Shelle Sills, so the girl can work managing a schedule like nobody’s business.  She’s a force). 

So without further ado, a peek into Lori’s world…Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


in heavy rotation– I listen to EVERYTHING, but top dance hits for our “dance parties” at home, The Black-Eyed Peas, The Cure, Morrissey/The Smiths, just finished my Ramones stage but will likely come back to them again. Something that never goes out of taste or style for me though is Billie Holiday. Something about her voice always puts me in a smooth state of mind!

on your nightstand – my daughter and I make a ritual out of reading Nancy Drew together and I enjoy that time more than anything on our evenings together (my husband and I trade kids each night) but I enjoy stealing time to read myself when I can and am currently involved with “In the Garden of Beast” by Erik Larsen. It is a very interesting and disturbing look at the development of Hitler’s Germany from an American perspective. It tries to answer the question “How could this happen while the world was watching”

uniform– okay, I enjoy dressing and really do not find myself always turning to one thing or another with the exception of one pair of shoes! I have an unnatural attachment to…of all things a pair of Manolo Blahniks. They (I believe) go with everything from jeans, to patio dresses, from couture to capris. I even have a dream that I am bold enough to wear them with shorts. They are getting VERY worn but I just can’t give them up!

go to restaurant– Matt’s in Lakewood. We enjoy going with friends, after work and on the weekends. It is loud enough for the kids but also not so loud that you aren’t able to talk. Love that Bob Armstrong!

in your handbag – the older I get the bigger my handbags and sunglasses! I carry everything, antibacterial soap leaves, Kleenex, a spare pair of contacts, but I cannot leave behind my iPhone. I always thought people that would say things like that were so sad but as a mom that likes to stay on top of everything can I just say in my defense…there’s an app for that.