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For Earth Day 2021, an Easy Way to Make a Gift to the Planet

D Magazine is partnering with the Texas Trees Foundation to make Dallas an even more habitable place to live.
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Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day. And one of the most powerful things we can do—especially in a concrete-covered, car-centric place like North Texas—is to plant trees. You might be wondering why the editor-in-chief of a magazine that is printed on paper would be talking about trees. After all, we use trees to make our magazines. But you might not know that we’ve been scrupulous in sourcing our paper from sustainably managed forests. We have earned a hard-won certification for our efforts. We are also partnering with the Texas Trees Foundation to donate some proceeds from subscriptions to the nonprofit’s tree planting efforts around town.

But first, let me introduce you to the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). That’s the organization that works to protect forests both locally and globally by promoting sustainable forest management. Our paper comes from trees that are maintained for biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality at global levels, and cause no damage to other ecosystems. It costs us a ton more but it allows us to sleep at night because we re-forest our forests.

Here at home, in a climate that is heading for an insane number of 100-plus degree days, we need trees in the ground. Millions more of them. For our 2021 Earth Day project, we have partnered with the Texas Trees Foundation to offer subscriptions that provide a full year of D Magazine while also providing hundreds of trees to the communities across North Texas. No shovel required. The sainted people at Texas Trees will do the work. And you get 12 marvelous issues focused on this place we all love and call home.

Click here, spend the next year with us, and together, we can make Dallas an even better place to live.

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