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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve: DISD President Miguel Solis

The DISD School Board President on testing, Mike Miles, and more.
This week: Miguel Solis talks all things school board.
This week: Miguel Solis talks all things school board.

DISD School Board President Miguel Solis stops by to chat about all things education. We talk about the current testing controversy, the controversial teacher evalution system, the controversial battles between Mike Miles and certain school board members, my controversial impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger — it’s a controversy-heavy discussion is what I’m saying here, people. Also, it’s very clear I need to do more of SAGA podcasts in 2015, because, man, are my hosting skills rusty. I think I break a personal record for most “uhhhhhh”s in the first three minutes alone. But don’t let my terribleness distract you from Solis, who will actually make you feel hopeful that the board can make substantive progress this semester.

You can click on it below, or go to the direct download link here. Also, it’s on iTunes here. As always, please listen with your ears.