The SAGA Pod — Talking DISD, Home Rule, TEI, DHA, SEX, Etc.

The most popular podcast in the history of this blog is BACK!

By popular some a tiny bit of demand, the SAGA Pod is back! With all new equipment! If this doesn’t address most of Tim’s issues with sound, then I’ll just give up again. But I think we’ve got it figured out. Also, no intro, no outro, no frills. That’s fun the first half-dozen times, but it means every pod takes two hours just to edit. Now, we record, upload, and move on so I can blog about DISD and Jim can go back to hating Tim. This week it’s all DISD: We talk about:

  • Why TEI is so important.
  • Why I’m currently in favor of home-rule reform efforts.
  • Why I could be wrong.
  • Why the mayor was so mad at the SOPS/media managers for the home rule rollout.
  • Why Jim likes Joyce Foreman (running for DISD board in Place 6).
  • Why I’m convinced she would stifle reform efforts.
  • What the DISD board could learn from the current Dallas Mavericks president (and current Dallas Housing Authority board president).
  • Why some teachers are afraid of DISD middle managers (possibly for good reason).
  • Why Mike Miles needs a new contract.
  • If my IKEA silverware is worth stealing.

The embedded player above should work. If not, the rss feed is Or this direct link should work:


Here’s the iTunes link. Again, not sure when it will be up there. And, as always, please listen with your ears.


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