The Dallas Miracle: How Data Show Mike Miles Deserves a New Contract

Teddy KGB: "Pay him. Pay that man his money."

Over on Learning Curve, I tell you about how the most rigorous ISD analysts in the state say DISD made astounding gains in 2013. Which, when we consider that Mike Miles wants a contract extension, leads us to the classic line from Rounders, issued by Teddy KGB:

“Pay him. Pay that man his money.”


  • Skeptic


    Don’t be naive and quit parroting what the DISD and it’s vendors spoon feed you.

    There is no “miracle” other than no one has questioned the source numbers that feed these simply unbelievable metrics.

    Coincidental timing as well, right? New contract talks and miracle numbers….all in the same news cycle.

    Toyota did far more research than you…and they voted with hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Just open your eyes and do some legwork.

    • John O’Neill

      Toyota did no research. They were already in a suburban campus in CA and they simply wanted another one. Rawlings was simply trying to sell home rule when he made that stupid comment.

  • Eric Celeste

    Well, it’s not coincidental. I found them, tracked them down, took a webinar with them so I could understand their model, asked other data folks I know to analyze it, etc. Also, I asked several folks to tell me about Jim Terry, and he’s universally regarded as a) kind a of a jackass because b) he really is about the smartest guy in the district. And they said for him to suggest that ERG have more data analysis to offer than he does is a testament to their seriousness. But no, go ahead, let your preconceived notions dictate your analysis. It’s worked out well for the district for decades.

  • Retiredteacher1

    Eric, what about 2014 scores? STARR scores dropped on 15 out of 22 measurements. He still deserves
    a raise? A teacher whose scores had dropped that much would be non-renewed. Miles does not deserve a raise, nor should his contract be extended.

    • Eric Celeste

      2014 data will be out soon. But again — sigh, broken record — measuring achievement by one metric is like measuring the effect of a storm by counting lightening strikes. And 2, you must factor in demographics, which ERG does. The kids in the district are getting poorer every year.

      BTW: There is a reasonable argument to be made about this ERG data that none of his critics have yet made. I disagree with it, but at least it’s reasonable. See if you can guess what it is!

  • joeptone

    You should have started a soccer blog.