Judge Says DISD Appointed Members To Board, Will Issue Decision Tomorrow

Brett Shipp loves me.


As I told you this past Thursday, DISD did indeed appoint some members to its DAC commission instead of elect them. This being against state law, it throws in doubt the legitimacy of the names of the four teachers the DAC named to the home rule commission (which must be named by June 23). A judge this evening ruled what you knew to be true as true, and says he’ll rule tomorrow on what that means for the home rule effort. (For one thing: those members of the DAC are probably on vacay. It will be difficult to reassemble even if the judge says the appointed members can be elected by a show of hands.)

Here are @Brett_Shipp’s tweets from the courtroom. Even though he has blocked me from his Twitter account, @MatthewHaag retweeted him, so I know that Shipp was ON TOP OF BREAKING NEWS:

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