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With The Quad, Stream Realty Partners Reignites One of Dallas’ First Mixed-Use Developments

Stream Realty Partner's Ramsey March says the project has gotten positive feedback from the types of tenants they’re trying to attract—professional service employers who are looking to bring high-caliber talent from home and back into the office.
Photo courtesy of Stream Realty Partners

Stream Realty Partners’ Ramsey March will remind you that five years ago, the Uptown complex previously known as the Quadrangle had lost its heart. Everything from the sidewalks to the parking to the plantings made for the kind of project you passed by on your way to somewhere else.  

Not so today. Visiting the property rebranded as The Quad, you might find a seat on the activated urban lawn. You might notice what Stream Realty is touting as the largest indoor high-resolution digital art installation in Texas, in the lobby of the 12-story office tower. Perhaps you’ll find yourself wandering down a row of glass-fronted retail shops that line the site. “It’s a place where you want to stop,” says March, executive managing director and partner of office and development services for Stream.

When The Quadrangle came to market back in 2018, March says there was an air of excitement. Built in 1966, it was well known as one of the first mixed-use projects in Dallas. “Everybody knew where the Quadrangle was located and had a sort of positive view, in our mind of the location, just fundamentally,” March says. 

Designed by architect Pratt Box Henderson before Uptown was Uptown, the four-acre site initially featured upscale shops, restaurants, and white stucco buildings built around courtyards. It quickly became the heartbeat of the residential neighborhood. Redevelopment in the 1980s replaced one of the original buildings with an office tower.

By the time Stream Realty closed on its acquisition in 2019, March says, the Quadrangle had seen better days. “Obviously we wanted to create a great development project,” he says. “But we also wanted to return the asset to its former glory as really the heart of the Uptown neighborhood.”   

Development rights were expanded, the name was shortened, and the team—which included architecture firm Omniplan and contractor Austin Commercial—got to work. The result: a 345,425-square-foot office tower; a penthouse amenity center with a full-service bar, lounge, conference center, and rooftop terrace; five standalone retail buildings; and an urban lawn. Stream formally reintroduced the project last week.

March says The Quad has gotten positive feedback from the types of tenants Stream is trying to attract—namely, professional service employers who are looking to lure talent back into the office. “Many of those tenants are already in Uptown, but we’re seeing quite a few of them come from other parts of the country,” he says. “And when they come from other parts of the country, and they look to establish a beachhead in Dallas, Uptown is usually the first place they look.” 

Already, four office tenants have signed on for 115,000 square feet—Revantage, Chicago Title, M Financial, and Berkshire Residential.  

Dining options at The Quad include all-day cafe Two Hands, Australian coffee bar LDU, farm-to-table restaurant Written by the Seasons, European fine-dining restaurant Mamani, Thai street food concept Crushcraft, and chef-driven dock-to-table concept DOMODOMO.  

“Probably the biggest risk we took in the design was devoting the best real estate on the project to our retail offering,” March says. The five standalone bungalow buildings—with square footages ranging from 1,710 to 3,880—were intentionally made with a smaller format. 

“The reason we did that is we saw a depth of demand and a lack of supply for that elevated, fast-casual, small format, dining—really the types of F&B offerings that office tenants and the neighborhood desired, rather than sort of large format, 10,000-square-foot destination restaurants where people are driving in from other parts of the city to experience.”


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