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Dallas Midtown Redeveloper Scott Beck is Betting on Residential

The commercial real estate veteran has launched Beck Realty Residential, tapping Compass all-stars Courtney Tauriac and Crystal Gonzalez to lead the show.
Manny Rodriquez

When Dallas Midtown redeveloper Scott Beck turned his eye to the Dallas residential real estate market, he knew he needed a team that knew the landscape and could provide a certain level of service.

He found Courtney Tauriac and Crystal Gonzalez, a long-standing team with Compass, before moving to the newly-formed Beck Realty Residential.

“They really know the market well, and they’re both super smart,” the president of Beck Realty said.

Beck envisions this new endeavor as “offering white-glove service, but it’s for the entire Metroplex, not just luxury buyers.”

Tauriac and Gonzalez are joined by real estate associate Marcos Hernandez and transaction coordinator Rebecca Fletcher.

D sister publication peoplenewspapers.com interviewed Tauriac and Gonzalez. (The original article can be found here)

Tauriac and Gonzalez answered our questions recently. See more at peoplenewspapers.com.

You’re working parents, which means even during normal times, you’re juggling a bustling and demanding business with family life, too. But with the pandemic and school closures, it’s been even harder. How do you manage?

TAURIAC AND GONZALEZ: “Last year was definitely a trying time for everyone. There was an incredible amount of uncertainty, and our families were like everyone else’s in the world, trying to juggle working from home and our children’s education, all while keeping everyone sane and safe at the same time. It really came down to prioritizing and time management. Whether it be real estate or any other industry, it’s all in what you’re willing to put into it.”

What enticed you to work with Scott Beck?

TAURIAC AND GONZALEZ: “Beck Ventures attracted us because of their tremendous pride in our city and continued contribution to economic development. We loved the idea of partnering with a company who is pouring their resources locally into our great city and to be a part of something bigger than just the sale of a home. Our team is heavily invested in Dallas, and we want to work with a company that is just as passionate about our city as we are.”

Scott mentioned that he hoped that your group would be able to offer a more egalitarian white-glove service. How will you do that? 

TAURIAC AND GONZALEZ: “Though we have been selling in Dallas over 20 years, neither of us are originally from here. We were both able to build our business, one client at a time, and grow with our clients over the years. As they have gotten married, had children, lost a loved one, or experienced another life change, we have been a part of those transitions and have helped them navigate through the nuances regarding their living situation and where they call home.

“We are fortunate enough that we are now helping our clients purchase their dream homes while assisting their children in investing in their first home. We don’t concentrate our efforts on only one neighborhood or price point. We have developed with Scott the most important resources one might need when buying or selling their home, and these services will be offered to every Beck Realty client.”