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Executive Perspectives: Wendy Lopez

AECOM’s leading Texas executive says the focus is on positioning state and local governments for projects that will help in the economic recovery.
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Wendy Lopez is the Texas executive for one of the world’s largest infrastructure firms and Fortune 500 company, AECOM. In her more than three decades with the company, Lopez has spearheaded several high-profile projects; among the most recent is paving the way for Hyperloop Texas, a transportation technology that has the potential of achieving travel speeds of around 700 mph. Lopez also serves as president of the International Women’s Forum-Dallas, which aims to equip and inspire the next generation of female leaders.  

Did your business continuity plan workor were there surprises? 

AECOM has quickly and successfully pivoted the majority of our workforce to work from home or virtually. Our interpretation of most government orders is that the work we perform is considered essential in nearly every case. Therefore, our physical office locations remain open for employees even though the majority has transferred to working from home. We still have a considerable number in the field on client projectsas well. 

In all cases, we maintain adherence to social distancing and CDC guidelines and work to ensure the safety of our employees regardless of their location. We feel, given the circumstancesthat our workforce has pivoted effectively, and we’ve done much to keep them safe and connected, and have maintained business continuity on vital client projects where necessary. 

What have you learned that may change your policies or strategies for the future? 

AECOM firmly believes the country will eventually come out of the current crisis and that we are well-positioned to not only help our clients by maintaining and preserving current project work but also by actively looking ahead to the eventual economic turnaround and recovery.   

Decisions are being made at the state and federal level to keep infrastructure moving. We can help prepare and position state and local governments now for projects that will aid in the economic recovery to follow. 

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