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Why Company Culture Matters in Commercial Real Estate

Colliers International’s Steve Everbach says "culture is the core; profits will follow."
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The pursuit of exceptional people in today’s competitive commercial real estate market is a challenging proposition. DFW has a wealth of talent who could work at any number of prestigious real estate firms. So, what sets one global commercial firm apart from the next? How do we attract and keep the best in the industry to better serve our clients?

Culture is the core

What I have observed over the last four years as our Colliers DFW office has changed and grown, is that company culture is the secret sauce for success. This goes to my core, and it’s why it is essential to take your time and get it right.

Building a highly effective and sustaining office is not an easy thing in our business. One must focus on creating a positive and healthy culture with the right people first, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because your team’s wellbeing is genuinely important. High-quality professionals want to work for a company that fosters growth, understands family time, treats each teammate with respect, encourages community participation, and wins! They want a leader who will mentor, inspire, challenge, and support. It’s a trickle-down effect on how they, in turn, treat our clients, and it’s priority number one.

Steve Everbach, President, Central Region of Colliers International

More than half of today’s workforce feels unengaged at their work, and there’s a direct link to how culture plays into that feeling. A leader must ignore the naysayers and focus on cultivating a positive culture to achieve an engaged and enthusiastic workforce.

Profits will follow

While the ‘right’ culture is unique to each company, ours is guided by open and transparent communication, respect for the team and our clients, exceptional character, creative collaboration, unequivocal trust, relentless focus, and some fun too!

As the leader, it’s my job to make sure every member of our team, every touchpoint with our clients, and every transaction adheres to these tenets. And guess what? When these guidelines are embedded in every individual, profits naturally follow.

Recruit to the culture

As you recruit, spend time communicating with potential employees about your unique culture. Their fit within that culture should be one of the deciding factors for whether you make an offer. If a candidate has the skills and experience but just won’t fit in, you may want to pass. On the other hand, if you meet someone who may have less experience but is a great cultural fit, possibly take a chance. It’s that important.

Our people have taken Colliers DFW to the next level. They live our guiding principles every day in their work and with our clients, and they have extended it to the community at large; volunteering their time, talents, and money to non-profit organizations of their choice such as Vogel Alcove, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center food pantry, among others. These generous efforts improve our community, but also give our team a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

A healthy culture constantly evolves and requires dedication from everyone.

I am proud of the team we have assembled over the past four years and honored to lead them. As we come into the fifth year of our five-year strategic plan to double Colliers Central Region, I see a team that takes a strategic, collaborative, innovative, and dedicated approach to serve our clients. We assemble experts from across our service lines to problem-solve for our clients, and the result is that we’re becoming known as a ‘go-to’ firm for complex commercial real estate challenges. We have our culture to thank for that, and it sets us apart in the industry.

Steve Everbach is the President of Colliers International’s Central Region and based in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

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