And as we see with retail, grocery is figuring out e-commerce as well. For the past year, Amazon and competitors have ramped up grocery delivery services, offering part of their products from their distribution warehouses and the rest from neighborhood grocery stores. Now with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, we see an even greater focus on e-commerce’s vertical integration with brick and mortar. As more grocery delivery needs relocate to distribution warehouses, the grocery industry may begin to see a reduction in square footages throughout the country.

So, What Does the Future Hold?

The most successful retailers today are those that understand these trends and are agile enough to respond quickly to a rapidly changing market. The best retail incorporates both brick and mortar and e-commerce, fuses subscription commerce and has an active social media presence. Retail is definitely evolving, but it will always be experiential, both digitally and physically. Retail is certainly alive and well; it just may look a little different than we’re all used to.

Tipton Housewright is a principal and CEO at Omniplan.