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Buy This Dallas House with Cryptocurrency, Not Cash

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, prospective buyers of a home in Northwest Dallas can use the world’s first real estate-backed cryptocurrency, called Property Coin.

If you fancy a four bedroom/two bathroom house in Northwest Dallas, we’ve found one. But there’s a catch—the home is for purchase with cryptocurrency only.

The home at 3220 Northaven Court near Northhaven and Webb Chapel roads can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a newly launched cryptocurrency called Property Coin. El Segundo, California-based Aperture Real Estate Ventures created Property Coin, the world’s first real estate-backed cryptocurrency, earlier this month. Money raised in the initial coin offering (are we calling these ICOs yet?) will be invested in properties around the U.S. Investors essentially buy into a fund backed by Aperture’s “fix-and-flip” portfolio.

Anyway, there’s a lot of cryptocurrency jargon involved regarding the specifics of Property Coin, but Zillow estimates the house is worth about $336,000.