Commercial Real Estate

Warehouse Sizes Have Doubled Since 2000

In Dallas-Fort Worth, warehouses built between 2012 and 2017 average 247,304 square feet.

Compared to the last development boom, warehouses around the U.S. have doubled in size since the early 2000s. And in Dallas-Fort Worth, the metro with the second highest new construction in the country, the 82.8 million square feet of warehouse space built since 2012 skews toward buildings larger than 250,000 square feet.

This data, which comes from a new CBRE Research report, credits the rise in e-commerce for the growing size of industrial warehouses. Across the U.S., newly built warehouses average 185,000 square feet. In DFW, buildings built from 2012-2017 average 247,304 square feet, an increase of 135,000 square feet from the last development boom from 2002-2007.