Dallas will be the company's sixth location.

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There’s A New Bike in Town

LimeBike, a bike-sharing service, will roll out in Dallas in September.

LimeBike, a dockless bike-sharing service, has announced that it will be launching in Dallas this September, making North Texas its sixth location. San Mateo, Calif.-based LimeBike provides an environmentally-friendly alternative for city transportation.

Kourtny Garrett, CEO of Downtown Dallas Inc., said in a statement, “Downtown Dallas, Inc. has been exploring funding opportunities for operating a bike-share program on our own for years, and we are thrilled to work with innovative companies entering the market.”

The bright green bikes require no deposit fees for use, and the pay-as-you-go ride costs $1 for 30 minutes, or 50 cents for students. LimeBikes are also GPS and 3G enabled, making it easy for riders to find, unlock, and pick up a bike using the iOS or Android LimeBikes app. Once the ride is finished, riders lock the bikes’ back wheel and park between the pedestrian-designated sidewalk and the street curb or at a bike rack.

LimeBikes can be rented via the company’s app.

The new dockless bikes will initially be deployed at partner business locations this month as the company works with city officials and key stakeholders on rules to allow company expansion throughout the community. LimeBike will head a local operations and maintenance team to support the program, which will call for dozens of full and part-time local hires.

“Dallas is a forward-thinking town that is at the intersection of sustainability and economic development … By working closely with city leaders, community organizations, and local businesses, we plan on ramping up service quickly in order to provide commuters and cycling enthusiasts an empowering way to get around in Dallas,” Toby Sun, CEO and co-founder of LimeBike, said in a statement. “We have been extremely encouraged by the community support and reception we’ve had so far in Dallas.”

The Dallas City Council’s Mobility Solutions, Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee will hold a briefing on August 14 to discuss how the program can support Dallas’ mobility priorities.


  • ArlingtonsFinest

    Just use the local company, everybody. VBikes is based in Dallas County, a no-brainer. No need for your money to circulate through Silicon Valley when it can do more for all of us circulating around here.

    • Toby Sun

      LimeBike is also paying revenue tax to local too, and will invest in hiring local teams and giving back to the community. We are trilled to be part of Dallas’ amazing ecosystem that embraces innovation and technology. We will try our best to do our A game in this open market and provide the best possible product and service to local community. Ride on and look forward to it!

  • ArlingtonsFinest

    Better yet, change your life this weekend and check out your local bike shop! They probably bike to work, pay rent, and buy beer the same places you do! They’ll even *teach* you the technology to make it happen for yourself! Buy a bike, love it, take it with you wherever you go! It’s that easy! Just stop by the bike shop any time you have questions or need help, then stick around to chat with the staff! It’s fun! They’ve already invested in the community because they *are* the community! Other people! It’s what’s new! And they’re obviously more interested in getting people in Dallas on bikes than making money. How innovative is that?! They’ll treat you nice, I promise ;). To them, you’re so much more than a pretty market to penetrate!

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  • b venable

    i have started doing bicycle deliveries after work as a form of exercise and also for the money and I can tell you these bicycles are having a huge impact on uptown and downtown bicycle riding.