The Dallas Central Appraisal District’s records has the home valued at $1.91 million.

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Former Preston Hollow Home of Mary Kay Ash Meets the Wrecking Ball

Observer says the pink-hued, 11,874-square-foot mansion, last sold in 2015, was "un-saveable."

The former home of the late Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Dallas-based Mary Kay Inc., looked to be under the wrecking ball Tuesday morning. The 11,874-square-foot mansion, located at 8915 Douglas Ave. in Old Preston Hollow, was built in 1984. According to Dallas Central Appraisal District records, the home is valued at $1.91 million. Its desirability is listed as “very poor.”

According to city of Dallas records, a demolition permit was issued for the property on March 6. The pink-hued home, which has six bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and four half-bathrooms, sits on 1.05 acres. Dallas-based Pelicans Corp. Services LLC is listed as the property’s owner. Allie Beth Allman, president and CEO of Allie Beth Allman & Associates, said that her Dallas real estate firm had represented the property’s previous owner, Dr. Karen Gillum, when Gillum sold the property in December 2015 to Pelicans. According to reports, the sale price was $1.9 million, down from a previously listed price of $5.7 million.

Someone very familiar with the Mary Kay home says that, like many Dallas mansions of that era, the residence was so “specialized and personalized” that tearing it down—and presumably putting up something new in its place—would be the sensible thing to do. “It may have started out as a great custom house, but, over the course of time, it was just not kept up,” this observer says. “In my view, it was un-saveable.”




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  • Jim Schutze

    Oh. I assumed your subhead meant Dallas Observer.

    • Thought the same thing at first glance. Guess you can’t write them all, Jim. 😉

  • Happy Bennett

    This is really weird– but members of my family and I knew one of the previous owners and were just reminiscing about the place a few days ago. We live a distance away and had no idea that it had been sold, etc. Is Frontburner- D Magazine psychic? (lol)

  • Bob Macey

    I’m curious what could be so wrong with it that you have to tear the entire place down? Did the foundation go bad ?what?

    • Happy Bennett

      Candy’s Dirt.Com-a local realtor blog- under “Mary kay House Bites the Dust-RIP” describes the condition as being “very dilapidated with water coming up through the foundation”. Other sources claim poor building materials and construction with problems from the start. My understanding is that even while she owned the house, Mary Kay preferred her previous residence and resided there, not in Preston Hollow.

  • Eric Foster

    What’s terrifying is the monstrosity that will replace this residential curio. What are the odds it will be even uglier, more ill-suited to the lot, and even more pretentious? My father’s firm designed her previous residence, the Round House, and she would often call our house in the middle of the night with more changes to it.

    • John Grafa

      Hi Eric, what firm did your father work for? Just curious! I design and build high-end cabinetry and furniture. Thank so much!