Marshall Mills: A Tribute—25 Years is Just the Beginning

Marshall Mills
Marshall Mills

The Cambridge dictionary defines “entrepreneur” as a person who starts a company or initiative in the business world, especially when it involves taking risks. A quarter century ago, Herb Weitzman took the greatest risk of his life when he opened the doors for a new company in the midst of the worst real estate depression Texas had ever seen.

As the S&L crisis raged and real estate owners desperately hoped for a bottom to the free-fall in values, the Dallas-Fort Worth retail market posted its worst performance ever. Nearly 20 percent retail space was vacant, with few expanding tenants in sight. (Today, it’s a different story. DFW is posting the highest occupancy in more than three decades, and the retail markets in Austin, Houston and San Antonio also report near-historic strength!)

Herb Weitzman
Herb Weitzman

Herb started The Weitzman Group and Cencor Realty Services in the middle of this crisis with a small, dedicated team who shared a vision of client service and a belief that the future would be brighter than the dark days of the present. As the market moved from bad to worse, Herb and his team knew that quality brokerage, management, and development services were needed more than ever. The small team steadily grew, and soon one success led to another.

Even today, Herb can recite from memory the details of each of those early clients, assignments, and transactions, because they formed the basis of the company that today operates in Texas’ four major metros with 250 dedicated professionals statewide.

Since founding Weitzman/Cencor, Herb and other company leaders have mentored many young men and women who have grown into leaders for us and have even gone on to lead other companies throughout the country. From Herb’s example, they learned the power of client service and market knowledge.

Herb doesn’t look back often, because he is always working on ways for Weitzman/Cencor to meet the needs of our clients today and going into the future. But as the company officially celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, I know I speak for the company, and its clients and friends, when I say, “Well done, Herb. Your legacy of client service and platform of excellence are powering our team toward the next 25 years.”

Marshall Mills is president and CEO of The Weitzman Group and Cencor Realty Services. Contact him at [email protected]

Editor’s Note: Herb Weitzman was the winner of the “Pioneer Award” at D CEO’s Commercial Real Estate Awards program. Read more here.