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Where Have All the Massage Parlors Gone? Sex Trafficking in the Era of COVID-19.

TCU professor Vanessa Bouché says victims may be in danger now more than ever.
DISD Administration

Teen Sex! DISD Decides to Talk More About It

Dallas County has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. And it's paying for it.

Q&A With an Entomologist: Attack of the Mosquito Hawks!

They are everywhere in North Texas. Are they here to suck your blood? Do they mean us harm? What's the deal with mosquito hawks? I called an entomologist to find out. Mike Merchant is a professor and extension urban entomologist with Texas A&M. He lives here. He knows a thing or two about bugs, and he runs a bug blog that you might enjoy. Here's the deal:

OMG! Real Housewives of Dallas Cast Member Once Starred in Porn!

Yesterday Bravo announced the cast for the upcoming Real Housewives of Dallas. Well, we are learning today that one of the ladies, Tiffany Hendra, has done some work in adult films. And when I say "done some work," I really mean "had some intercourse." Hendra isn't hiding from her past. "So what I showed my tits and had love scenes, but what actress hasn’t? I did that [Cinemax] series before I was married, and it’s part of my journey. I own it." I think Cameron Diaz is one answer to that first question. I was going to say Helen Mirren, but then the internet told me that she has, in fact, done nude scenes. So anyway, like I was saying, adding lanes to highways only makes the problem worse.



Dallas City Council Bans Exxxotica From Using Convention Center, Ctd.

Jason, that was an excellent recap of the City Council meeting today. This reminds me of the city's erstwhile war on topless clubs under Mayor Laura Miller. Read this great essay titled "The New Puritanism," by Joe Bob Briggs, that D Magazine published in 2004. (It entered our archives via OCR scanning, so be patient with the many typos. It's worth it.)

Who Is Getting Married at The Mansion This Weekend?

A curious FrontBurnervian writes to us with a question:
Have you driven by The Mansion lately and seen the HUGE tent/wedding space that is being built on the front lawn? All the staff and people involved seem to be very hush-hush on whose wedding it is this weekend.
The first question, I can answer. No, I have not seen the huge tent. But the implied question, I cannot answer. I've also been told that the entire restaurant has been reserved -- and redecorated. Can't be cheap. Anyone want to drop dime on the couple in the comments?

A Few Comments About That Alleged DPD Sex Scandal

I read with interest this Channel 8 story about the alleged sex scandal at the Dallas Police Department. A few observations, if I may.