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It Is a Good Time to Get Hurt in Frisco

The land of the Cowboys, FC Dallas, and the RoughRiders finally has its first trauma-rated hospital.
By Jonny Auping
medicinal cannabis
Health & Medicine

New Law Brings Texas One Step Closer to Legalizing Marijuana

The blossoming medicinal cannabis market gets a boost from Texas lawmakers.
Hopemore Med Spa in Neiman Marcus
Health & Fitness

This Downtown Spa Caters to Oncology Patients, But Serves All

“Just because someone requires different treatment, doesn’t mean they want to be treated differently.”
By Caitlin Clark


Krista Nightengale Portrait
Health & Medicine

A Medical Mystery, Unfolding on Facebook

It has been more than three years. I’ve seen a dozen specialists. Sometimes answers are harder to find than cures.
By Krista Nightengale
Dr. Juan Pascual Portrait
Health & Medicine

The Doctor You See When Nothing Else Works

When every other diagnosis falls short, patients find their way to Dr. Juan Pascual and his Rare Brain Disorder Program. His secret: listening.
Dallas Munchausen by proxy case
Health & Medicine

The Boy Who Stayed Sick

By his fifth birthday, Christopher had gone to the doctor more than 300 times and had 13 major surgeries. His dad had a theory: the mother was making it all up.
By Peter Simek

How DFW Veterans Are Getting Employed in Healthcare

ImPowerQ is putting former soldiers to work.
Health & Medicine

A Dilated Eye Exam Might Have Saved Felicia Corbray’s Life

May is Melanoma Awareness Month, and Corbray is on a mission to encourage exams for all.
By Elaine Raffel