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Meet the Dallas 500: Harry LaRosiliere

The senior vice president at The Kravitz Group at UBS Wealth Management USA talks about his first job as a foot messenger, the importance of belief, and more.
By | |Illustration by Andrea Chavez
Harry LaRosailiere
Illustration by Andrea Chavez

Originally from Haiti by way of New York, Harry LaRosiliere joined The Kravtiz Group, a UBS multi-generational wealth planning group, in 2008. He helps clients identify and reach financial and estate planning goals. LaRosiliere also served as the mayor of Plano from 2013 through 2021—which proved to be years of tremendous growth for the city.

Education: The City College of New York (BS-Geology)

First Job: “I was a foot messenger in midtown Manhattan. We were paid hourly plus additional per trip. By hustling a little more—thus getting to more stops—paid off financially and created visibility for me. I learned others can be smarter, have more resources, and be better prepared than me, but no one could outwork me because I have control of my level of effort.”

Best Advice: “Always operate with integrity, your word is your bond.”

Dinner Party: “If I could have dinner with any two executives in Dallas I would choose Christopher Reynolds, Chief Administrative Officer for Toyota North America, and Michael Dardick, President & CEO of Granite Property. They are both highly intelligent, motivating, good, likable people. They are also my friends and I like to have dinner with friends!”

Destinations of Choice: “New York and Hawaii.”

Nonprofit Cause: “I started the Plano Mayor Summer Internship Program in 2014 in collaboration with Capitol One. It is special to me because it provides many high school students opportunities with work experience, creating professional contacts, and income—all things I would have appreciated as a young man growing up in Harlem, New York.”

Hobby/Passion: “My passion and purpose in life is making a difference in the lives of youth. I will continue that and now I’m in my post-mayor era and have more time, I’m taking up photography again as a hobby.”

Local Fare: “As mayor I used to say that all Plano restaurants were like my children, I love them all equally! Wherever I go, I will seek a filet or seabass.”

Fun Fact: “My major was geology in college.”

Dream Car: “It is the car I drive everyday—Lexus LC 500 convertible.”

Toughest Challenge: “Believing I belong. Throughout life we are often told how we measure up to others by someone else. When I became a financial advisor, an industry with the nature of survival of the fittest, the more I believed in myself regardless of what others were doing, the more I thrived. Today I am a successful advisor with a premier firm on the street. I am here not because I am special, but rather because I believe I belong.”

A Better DFW: “I would make it more like Plano. Sorry Mayor Johnson, I had to say it!”

Walk-Up Song: “‘Big Poppa’ by The Notorious BIG”

Must-Read: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by George McKeon helped me narrow down my life to what is important, to live a life of purpose and passion.”

Biggest Risk: “Regardless of the aspect in your life, if you are following your passion, what appears to be a risk to some can be a sure bet for you. I left Harlem with no job secured to follow my hearts passion and my now wife to Plano. It’s been 26 years, so I would say the risk paid off!”

Bucket List: “Growing up a Knicks fan in New York, I remember going to games in the nosebleed section. Today, I would say that floor seats at Madison Square Garden for a Knicks Championship game would be on my bucket list. I’m ready, but the Knicks have to do their part and suit up the team!”

Future Forecast: “I am most optimistic and excited about our youth and the opportunity of our future. Through my daughters and the youth that I have mentored, I am excited to see their willingness to accept leadership and do what’s best for each other’s humanity and our planet. They have a heightened sensitivity to people that are different than them with a keen willingness to learn about those differences. Our younger generation has an uncompromising desire to be diverse and inclusive because they know it leads to better outcomes. It is up to us to equip them with the tools they need to succeed.”


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