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Meet The Dallas Couple Chairing the 30th Annual Zoo to Do

Robyn and Chris Chauvin say the annual fundraiser allows them to strengthen ties with their children and business community.
Lexie Graben

Neiman Marcus women’s couture buyer Robyn Chauvin began volunteering at the Dallas Zoo around four years ago. Her passion for the South Dallas project quickly spread across her family. And after helping to organize last year’s event, she and her husband, Holland & Knight Partner Chris Chauvin, will co-chair the soirée.

Zoo to Do is returning in person this weekend for its 30th anniversary, and Robyn and Chris are catering to a crowd that has a lot of pent-up energy and excitement; supporters are ready to have a grand night to celebrate this organization in person.

The White Rock couple says they hope to take advantage of this suppressed energy and hopefully “raise a lot of money,” as Chris jokingly says.

Over the past 29 years, the event has raised around $17 million, and the Dallas Zoo is hoping to tip $18 million this year. Proceeds from the event help support the zoo’s dedication to providing animal care, delivering unique educational offerings, and strengthening its wildlife conservation efforts.

The Chauvin’s say their work with the zoo has helped teach their children Christopher, 7, and Robert, 4, about the importance of giving back and serving as a way to promote corporate citizenship.

Chris says he uses his leadership at the zoo to connect people from all across Dallas, whether business professionals or “ordinary joe” people, to come together and enjoy the sights at the zoo.

“I think the ability to interact with all the different industries when you are involved with something like the zoo exposes you to the broad swath of great talent in this town,” he says. “From across all demographics and generations, the zoo kind of acts as a great backstage pass.”

This year’s event, coined “Return to the Wild: Zoo to Do 2021,” will allow guests to stroll through the award-winning Giants of the Savanna exhibit, sample exquisite dishes from more than a dozen of Dallas’s premier chefs and restaurants, and enjoy interactive animal demonstrations.

Some of the chefs cooking at the event include Chef Like Rogers of Cathedral Italian Bistro, Michael Lane from Oak’d BBQ, Stephen Rogers from Gemma, Manny Vera from Truluck’s, Janice Provost of Parigi.

Diane Brierley, Mary McDermott Cook, and Ruth O’Donnell Mutch will serve as honorary chairs.