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Executive Perspectives

Executive Perspectives: Lynn Moore

The Tyler Technologies CEO says the coronavirus crisis has put a spotlight on demand for his company’s public-sector services.
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As the nation’s largest provider of software to the public sector, Plano-based Tyler Technologies helps governments handle everything from tax bills to cybersecurity. CEO Lynn Moore joined the company in 1998 and was promoted to the top spot in 2018.

How are you coping amid the COVID-19 crisis?

“We immediately created a coronavirus executive task force, which continues to work with me to direct policies and responses. Our leadership feels a great sense of responsibility to make sure our employees and their families are safe and healthy while also supporting our public-sector clients who provide essential services to the public. Our team members have been incredibly resilient and flexible, shifting to a work-from-home environment and a new normal, while we also serve our clients remotely.”

What are the short-term ramifications for your specific industry?

“Although we expect some impact on our industry in the near term, with possible delays in government procurement processes and delays in implementations caused by travel restrictions, closed offices, or clients shifting focus to more pressing issues, we believe that the essential software and services Tyler provides will become even more apparent as we weather this storm with our clients.

This crisis is already highlighting the need for and benefits of connectivity and cloud services, which are priorities for Tyler and were already part of our roadmap. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of putting into place disaster recovery plans alongside our clients so they can manage services online for their constituents. Technology has been a critical factor in helping businesses and government function effectively, especially during this time.”

Have you found silver linings in these difficult times?

“I have been inspired every day with stories of how Tyler employees are supporting each other and serving our clients in these uncertain times. A couple of examples come to mind. Our public safety team is working closely with law enforcement to ensure their products are optimized for identifying special calls for services where someone might be a COVID-19 carrier.

This helps prepare officers for the scene and for handling crowds with social distancing in mind. Our school transportation team is offering school districts special access to a parent communications app free of charge, and some school clients are using our bus routing software to plan drop-offs of meals to families in need.”

 How are you maintaining your company culture?

“Our employees have shifted to a work-from-home status and have settled into somewhat of a routine with video calls and virtual meetings. We know this is an uncertain time for everyone, and we’re working closely with our HR team and leadership to make sure employees feel educated and supported.

In addition to sending out weekly reminders about coronavirus-related resources available like virtual wellness visits, a 24/7 nurse helpline, and an employee assistance program, our team has been hearing even more from our office and divisional leadership. We’re moving forward with programs like our summer internship program virtually, and we’re performing product go-lives entirely remotely. It’s not the same as being in our offices together, but our team members have been able to rise to meet the challenges to support our clients and each other.”

What will things look like for your company and industry in another six months?

“I think the public sector will place even more value on cloud services and making their technology more accessible and transparent to their constituents. They will think about how best to optimize their processes and operations to serve their communities best. For Tyler, I think we will come out of this crisis with new, innovative ways of doing business for our client base as we learn more about their most critical needs.”


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