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Standing Desk Disruptors VARIDESK Announce Name Change; Call Us Vari

CEO Jason McCann says, "we're much more than a desk."

A company that has put itself on the map in the standing desk space has decided to change its name.

Coppell-based VARIDESK announced today that it has rebranded as Vari–a workspace innovation company.

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The name change reflects the rapid growth and evolution of the company that hit the market in 2013 with its innovative desktop riser, but now offers a full line of more than 200 workspace products. In seven years, the company has upset the traditional office environment, bringing welcome change for the employees of the new millennium who continue to demand a more holistic and engaging workspace environment.

“We built a strong brand, leading the category of standing desks and risers,” said Vari Co-Founder and CEO Jason McCann. “That fast growth, combined with an inventive culture, has led us down a truly remarkable path. Today, we’re much more than a desk. We’re Vari. And we have everything a high-growth business needs to furnish its entire workspace.”

In 2016, the company was named the fastest-growing entrepreneurial company in Dallas by the Southern Methodist University Cox School’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship. And in 2017, EY picked McCann and Flaherty as Entrepreneurs of the Year in the emerging consumer products category in the Southwest regional competition.

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Today, the company has 350 employees and more than three million customers worldwide. Its products are found in 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Over the last several years, the company has also embraced broader business opportunities, including its commercial real estate venture VariSpace, which offers space-as-a-service. The Class A workspaces bring first-class amenities and flexible space solutions together in a multi-tenant campus ideal for enterprise-level tenants. Today, there are two VariSpace locations, VariSpace Las Colinas and VariSpace Southlake.

“The way people work is changing–and that’s pushing companies to move with speed and confidence, and to continually innovate,” McCann said. “We continue to embrace change and push past our own boundaries, expanding beyond the product we’re synonymous with to offer companies innovative workspace solutions. And we’re broadening our name to reflect that.”

The original VariDesk started a cycle of product innovation that has grown to include conference tables, chairs, movable walls, accessories, soft seating, lighting, more. Vari offers the most straightforward, fastest way to create a flexible workspace designed to scale.

Desktop riser units will remain a valuable part of the company’s portfolio. The products will retain the VariDesk name and continue representing the legacy business.

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