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Noelle LeVeaux: Changing Hearts and Minds

Noelle LeVeaux on the power of personal branding, and how she learned to overcome her fear of failure.

Noelle LeVeaux is a woman of action. The marketing guru created one of the country’s most successful branding initiatives, the #DallasBig campaign, and is serving as interim director of Uptown Inc. She also co-founded Dress for Success and wrote a children’s book, all while overcoming a challenging battle with breast cancer. Her latest adventure? Launching a Dallas chapter of Phoenix-based Helping Hands for Single Moms, kickstarted with a $100,000 grant from the Dallas Mavericks.

Noelle LeVeaux

Why did you choose to get into marketing?
“I think marketing actually chose me. From a very young age, I understood the power of personal branding and how your image, actions, and reputation can change your path. That is what I still love today about marketing. I believe you can actually change people’s hearts and minds through effective marketing.”

What’s the toughest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
“Having cancer as a single mom was definitely my greatest challenge to date, but it helped me with something I’ve struggled with for a long time: the fear of failure. So many of us fight this. In reality, the only failure is to not try at all. Because your effort in itself is a success. I try hard every day to believe and act on that.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned? 

“Everyone is replaceable. I think it’s important to understand this so you don’t take yourself or your importance to an organization too seriously, and you don’t take your position for granted. This will help you work hard every day to be your very best, but also allow you to find balance in your life.”

Why did you decide to launch your own company?
“Once I was on my way to being healthy again, it was time to be the CEO of my own life. I wanted to have flexibility with my daughters and more control over who I worked for and what I worked on. Plus, I had a new sense of confidence, I finally believed I could do it, and I gave myself permission to try.”

What keeps you up at night?
“Honestly, I think what really keeps me up at night is making sure my two daughters have the chance to live their best lives. I’ve learned that worrying about much else other than the ones you love is a waste of time.”


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