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StackPath Readies to Rebrand After Latest Merger

The Dallas-based cybersecurity company announced that it was merging with Server Density of London.

Lance Crosby is the founder and CEO of StackPath.

With StackPath’s latest addition, the merger with Server Density, the cybersecurity company is gearing up for the launch of its rebrand in July.

StackPath, led by CEO Lance Crosby, announced the merger with London-based Server Density on Monday, stating that the server, cloud, and website monitoring company will help StackPath identify possible threats and risks. Server Density, led by CEO David Mytton, employs 20 people and collects more than 12 billion metrics a day for more than 1,000 customers across 75 countries. The merger is the sixth company that StackPath has picked up since launching in 2016. It launched having already acquired CloakVPN, Fireblade, Staminus, and MaxCDN. In February 2017, it picked up Highwinds. Financial details of the merger and acquisitions were not released.

As the final addition for the near future settles into place, Dallas-based StackPath is readying for its July rebrand that will integrate all six companies, provide new services, and offer a new logo, color scheme, and website, Crosby says. The new presentation of the company is expected to roll out July 1.

“At that point, the last two years of integration will come to fruition,” Crosby says. “You’ll see a lot more services.”

Though the merger with Server Density was recently sealed, it wasn’t the first time Crosby tried to scoop up the company.

“I tried to buy the company two years ago when we first started,” Crosby said. “At the time, we just couldn’t get together on the valuation.”

So instead, Crosby kept in touch with Mytton, mentoring him and helping him navigate investment waters (Server Density raised $1.5 million in in December 2015). When Mytton was looking for possible partnerships, he went straight to Crosby.

“My team and I are excited to bring Server Density into the StackPath platform and accelerate even more evolutionary ways to leverage these technologies,” Mytton, who will serve on StackPath’s executive team, said in a release.

Evolving the use of technologies to better serve his security services company is exactly what Crosby has been doing with all of his buys. That’s so that he can continue the organic growth and development of services at StackPath, while redirecting the use of the others he buys. StackPath currently offers four services, and by the end of the year will offer 12, Crosby said.


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