Cynthia Marshall spoke at D CEO's 2016 Women's Leadership Symposium.


Mark Cuban’s Choice of Ex-AT&T Exec Is A Stroke of Genius

The Dallas Mavericks owner has tapped Cynthia Marshall as interim CEO in the wake of the front-office harassment scandal.

His ridiculous “Please-can-I-be-your-VP?-I-take-it-back-I-really-hate-you” act with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump aside, Mark Cuban has always been a pretty slick operator. Now he’s proved it again with a world-class move in connection with the Dallas Mavericks’ Terdema Ussery/sexual harassment scandal. I mean, hiring Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall to be the Mavs’ interim CEO was a stroke of pure genius.

Marshall, most recently AT&T’s senior vice president and chief diversity officer, is a master communicator, steeped in and adept at the corporate language of gender and racial politics. She was on the cover of D CEO magazine addressing those issues back in June of 2016, and she was also the runaway hit speaker during the publication’s first Women’s Leadership Symposium that same month at the Hilton Anatole hotel.

There, she capped the morning-long program with her sometimes poignant, sometimes roaringly funny comments about women sticking together, with advice like sometimes you have to “hook a sister up,” all while (literally) wearing a tiara on her head. If Cuban is lucky—and he emerges from the Mavs’ “independent” investigation unscathed—Marshall’s credible, hard-won charisma just might help pull his chestnuts out of the fire.


  • DubiousBrother

    I guess it is a fine line between pure genius and after the fact tokenism but no doubt the Cuban chestnuts are in the fire. Maybe the NBA will hire Mueller to “investigate.”

    I think MavsTank is just as big a problem for Cuban. I would not be pleased if I was still a season ticket holder paying out the a$$ to watch overpaid losers.

  • Mavdog

    Cuban is a smart guy, he understands the situation in which his franchise as well as himself find themselves in. While it is not a situation of his own making, except by omission, it is a situation he is responsible for rectifying. Hiring a strong, credible and proven person in Ms. Marshall to represent his dedication to making sure the org is run right sends the message that Cuban “gets it”.

    The fact is the Mavericks have a solid group running the player side of things. I can also relate that, as a season ticket holder for over 34 years, the account reps are the best they have ever been. We’ve been through the ups and the downs like all teams go through. Hey, I stayed through the disappointing and embarassing 90’s! The team is in transition, however hats off to Mark, Donnie and Coach, who have a team that gives 100% every time they are on the hardwood. People who understand the business of the NBA and the rules of the draft lottery know exactly what Cuban was saying by his “tanking” comment: those who don’t understand the business and the draft just won’t.