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Additional Security Coming to Dallas’ Historic West End

The West End Association has engaged Landmark Security to patrol the neighborhood "nearly 24 hours per day."

Dallas’ Historic West End has long had a reputation as dangerous. The neighborhood association dedicated to the enhancement of the area—the West End Association—scored a long-anticipated win Tuesday with the hiring of safety patrol Landmark Security to help make the West End safer.

The West End Association has engaged Landmark Security to supplement local law enforcement by patrolling the neighborhood “nearly 24 hours per day,” according to a press release. Red Oak-based Landmark Security will work in partnership with Downtown Safety Patrol and the Dallas Police Department.

“Through the partnership and leadership of entities like the West End Association, Dallas Innovation Alliance, City of Dallas, Dallas Police Department, DART, Downtown Dallas Inc. and the Downtown Dallas Neighborhood Association, the ‘rebirth’ and evolution of the district will continue; we know the best is yet to come,”says Stephen Luik, president of the West End Association and vice president at Crescent Real Estate.

Crescent, along with many other well-known landlords such as Lincoln Property Co. and Granite Properties, have recently become stakeholders in the changing neighborhood. Read more about it in D CEO‘s January/February cover story.


  • alexander troup

    It was safe until the Dart Rail line came in and then it went sour by 1997, think of it as a fact that no matter how much dirt you remove and trying to change the old Dallas Down there it was mean in 1885 and when Rail Roads came into another lane on that side of Town then the Hobos and Bums came in and it got worse…moral of this story, pick a nice place that has some good vibes, not some crowded one that has bad ones….

    • Theresa

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  • OldLakeHighlander

    Every city has a homeless problem within 500 yards of any Bus or Train Station. Why should we be any different? The question is, what do we do with these itinerants that wore out their welcome at their last location and looking forward to doing it again here? Not much, really. As our population grows, so do the number of those destined to be on the tail end of the bell curve. We as a country don’t really care about the neighbors that live next to us, much less some smelly dude that talks to himself, so I don’t see this issue going away anytime soon.