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Bottle Rocket Hires C-Level Executive To Bolster AI, VR, And Other New Tech

Jonathan Campos is Bottle Rocket's new chief mobile architect aiming to take the company to "a whole different level."

Jonathan Campos is Bottle Rocket’s new chief mobile architect.

Bottle Rocket has a new C-level executive who will drive the company’s foray into new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Jonathan Campos, who has more than 10 years of experience in enterprise applications, took the role of chief mobile architect on May 15 and has spent the first month laying the groundwork for the application development company’s next steps.

“[Bottle Rocket has] built a great reputation for mobile applications,” Campos said. “But these days that’s not enough, and that’s not where the industry is. I want Bottle Rocket to be seen as the leading experience company in how people experience technology.”

Jonathan Campos reports to Amy Czuchlewski, vice president of engineering, and will work with the marketing and development teams to evangelize new technologies internally and to its potential customers. Campos, who previously worked as principal architect for data and design analytics company Precocity, said he will add to the foundation Bottle Rocket has already built. The company, led by CEO Calvin Carter, has been examining how to implement new technologies like voice interface, such as Siri or Google Assistant, and virtual reality.

“With Jonathan’s guidance, Bottle Rocket will diversify the core work we do,” said Mark McKinney, Bottle Rocket’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate strategy. “In the end, we believe that the mobile and connected user experience is not limited to native mobile app development, and now you’re going to see that reflected both in the work we produce and the guidance we offer our clients.”

“The hire gives us an opportunity to have someone to go to for bigger picture thinking that is agnostic of any bias towards one platform,” said Monte Masters, senior vice president of solutions and deliver, adding that most responsibilities are fielded to a specific architect under a specific operating system.

At Precocity, Campos worked with corporations like Pizza Hut, American Airlines, Procter & Gamble, and Fannie Mae to develop enterprise applications. For American Airlines, Campos and his team developed a mobile application for pilots and flight attendants, giving them access to information about their customers’ preferences and connecting flights. The application worked to help the airline improve customer satisfaction scores, Campos said.

Campos said his three focuses at Bottle Rocket will be to evangelize new technologies within Bottle Rocket, expose Bottle Rocket to the larger development community, and work with sales and marketing to improve communication on Bottle Rocket’s offerings. To start off, he’s bringing the processes up to match the needs of enterprise-level applications. Once that’s complete, he can begin building out the verticals for new technologies.

“Bottle Rocket is going through some changes,” Campos said. “They still have their bread and butter—user experience and native apps—but technology is changing so there’s a lot more ways for people to interact with it. It’s not just about making something pretty. My background lends itself to taking user experience to a whole different level.”


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