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AT&T Doubles Down on Gigabit Speeds in Southern Dallas

The expansion of the high-speed fiber network fulfills a commitment the company made to the region last year.
AT&T's headquarters is located in downtown Dallas.
AT&T’s headquarters is located in downtown Dallas.

AT&T has doubled the availability of its high-speed fiber network to 50,000 locations in South Dallas. The network features 1-gigabit speeds, which is the provider’s fastest upload and download speeds.

The expansion fulfills a commitment the Dallas-based company made last May to expand in South Dallas. The company says it plans to connect more than 10,000 additional locations by the end of the year. It is primarily focused around portions south of the Trinity and Interstate 30.

AT&T invested more than $2.7 billion in wireless and wireline networks in Dallas-Fort Worth between 2013 and 2015 to boost reliability, coverage, speed, and performance for residences and businesses. DFW is one of 51 metropolitan areas where the company offers 1-gigabit speeds. It plans to expand to at least 67 areas. The company has marketed the service to nearly 4 million customer locations and plans to reach 12.5 million locations by mid-2019.

Customers who have 1-gigabit speeds can download 25 songs in 1 second or a 90-minute high-definition movie in less than 34 seconds. It also helps improve the quality of of streaming media—like movies, music, and games—as well as video-conferencing, and speed up downloading and uploading times.