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Randy Thompson is a senior managing director in Cushman & Wakefield’s Corporate Occupier and Investor Services group. His primary responsibility is to work C&W’s largest corporate accounts and to manage the multi-disciplinary teams needed to deliver these clients the integrated services they need to maximize the value of their real estate portfolios. As a member of C&W’s Sustainability Task Force and Global Data Center Advisory services group, he also is tasked with managing and overseeing the work of LEED-accredited project management professionals throughout North America, and providing technical expertise when dealing with clients looking to build or otherwise occupy complex technology spaces.



Randy Thompson: Distribution Centers—Big Changes in the Wind

Distribution centers that once shipped full pallets of products are now having to evolve into e-commerce fulfillment centers, where a single pair of jeans, or shoes, or three-pack of tee shirts, or mouthwash, or hair dryers or some combination of all these, have to somehow get into the same box to be shipped to a customer’s home for next-day delivery.

Randy Thompson: Budget vs. Spend—Four Key Strategies

Here are four proven strategies to help ensure you get the best, most aggressive pricing for your construction projects.

Randy Thompson: Why I left The Golden State

My decision had nothing to do with taxes, with the lack of quality public schools, the anti-business climate, traffic, gang violence, or wackos in Sacramento. My motivation was something altogether different.

Randy Thompson: Why Californians Are Really Leaving the Golden State

I was born in Santa Monica, California, raised in the San Fernando Valley, went to Robert Fulton Jr. High, Van Nuys High School, Pierce Jr. College, Cal State Northridge (BS degree), and then USC (MBA). In other words, dude, like I have California-creds, bro.

Randy Thompson: Strategies For Working With Procurement Specialists

More and more frequently, clients are involving their procurement departments in order to provide strategic sourcing of commercial real estate services. Understanding the role, behavior, buying background, place in the pecking order, and language of a given procurement specialist can make or break the acquisition of an assignment.



Randy Thompson: Why 40 Percent of Today’s Top Companies May Be Doomed

Success in the new economy requires companies to trade in their “factory” mentality for a “laboratory” mentality, where failure is embraced and learned from rather than sternly documented and filed into a personnel folder.

Randy Thompson: The Opposite of Love is . . .

Like any illness that can destroy the whole body, apathy in an organization, like the cancer it is, should be cut out as soon as diagnosed.

Randy Thompson: The ‘Admiral’s-Clubization’ of the American Workplace

All the money spent on specialty lighting, tricked-up coffee machines, employee perks programs, and company store discounts, doesn’t matter, unless our most basic needs are met first.

Randy Thompson: Dual Survival—A Personal Story

Sometimes, for reasons we may never understand or fully appreciate, undeserved providential grace shines upon us. For me, that happened twice within two months.

Randy Thompson: The Evolution of Outsourcing—From Cave-Suite to C-Suite

Many of the RFPs we are now seeing are focusing on qualitative aspects of service. And the whole measurement system used to determine vendor effectiveness (typically expressed in Key Performance Indicators/Service Level Agreements, or KPI’s/SLA’s) is beginning to morph.