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Best Architects in Dallas


Best Architects in Dallas

This year, D Home will be recognizing the Best Architects in Dallas. We are inviting architects, home builders, and interior designers in the Dallas area to nominate the architects who they recommend and respect. In order to be considered, an architect must be a member in good standing with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, actively working, and maintain a Dallas office. Winners will be featured in the November/December issue.

Please note the following guidelines:

    • D Home will be honoring architects whose business is focused primarily on residential architecture, not commercial.
    • You may nominate up to 5 different local architects. Only one nominee may be from within your company.
    • No self-nominations will be considered.
    • You must include both the individual’s name and company. D Home will be naming individual architects as winners, not companies.
    • Do not forward this link to clients, friends, family, etc. We carefully curate the list of who is invited to submit nominations.  In the interest of fairness, please do not solicit nominations. Ballots will not be considered if they are submitted by someone we did not directly invite to nominate.

The form will close on Monday, July 11, 2022.

Questions? Email Sarah Masquelier at [email protected].