General Questions

What is the Cutest Pets in Dallas Showdown? A series of randomly generated, head-to-head match-ups of adorable Dallas pets. The pet with the highest winning ratio will be crowned “The Cutest Pet in Dallas.”

Where do the proceeds of the contest go? D Magazine will donate $5,000 to Dogs and Kitty City. All pet owners who submitted into the contest received a digital D cover with their pet’s photo along with their contest submission.

How is the winner determined? D Magazine readers will determine the winner. The pet that has the highest winning ratio will be declared “The Cutest Pet in Dallas.” The winning ratio is calculated by comparing total number of winning match-up votes against total number of match-ups that pet is in. For example, Buddy was in 500 match-ups and won 400 of his match-ups. He has an 80 percent winning ratio. Carlos on the other hand, was in 1,000 match-ups, but only won 200 of his match-ups. His ratio is only 20 percent, making Buddy the winner for having a higher winning ratio.

What does the winner get?

  1. A professional photo shoot with a D Magazine photographer.
  2. That photo will run as a full page in an upcoming D Magazine issue.
  3. An Instagram post on D Magazine’s Instagram, broadcast to more than 128,000 followers.

When will the winner be announced? We will announce the winner a week after voting ends.

Questions About Contest Voting

How does voting work? Voting runs using a format we call the “Showdown.” It pairs off pets in random match-ups. Click on one of the pets in order to vote in that match-up in order to proceed to the next match-up.

When can I vote? You can vote an unlimited number of times until May 25. To vote in the contest, click here.

Why didn’t I get a voting link for my pet? In order to keep the contest fair, we do not provide individual voting links. Not everyone in the competition has the same social following. We want each pet to have the same chance at winning, and handing out individual pet links will skew the results to favor owners who are superior marketers. This is also why the winner of this contest will not be determined by volume of votes, but instead by the percentage of match-ups he or she won.

I keep voting but I haven’t seen my pet. Think of it as if you are rolling a dice 100 times in a row. There will be some times where you get the same number over and over again, and other times that no consecutive number is the same. Our showdown plugin will monitor the number of matches each pet appears in so that they all appear roughly in the same number of matches across all people who are voting. Since we had almost 600 entries, there is over 133,000 possible match-ups. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see your pet—other people will see your pet and will be voting in the match-ups.

Technical Issues 

What happened to the skip button? The skip button was contributing to overwhelming the site traffic. We have eliminated the skip button in order to help prevent the site from crashing.

What happened to the leaderboard? We took out the leaderboard as it was misleading to the audience. It was showing the top 20 pets that had the most volume of votes, but that does not reflect the winning stats. The final winner is determined by ratio of winning votes in the match-ups the pet appears in, rather than absolute total number of votes. In its place, we have put a page showing all the contestants in the contest. To view all the contestants, click here.

I keep getting a 504 error. What do I do? Oh no! We’re so sorry about that. There must be a lot of voting going on and our servers are feeling overwhelmed. Try waiting a few minutes.

Other Questions

I entered the contest but don’t see my pet or my pet’s information is incorrect. Check our contestant page here for your pet and pet’s information. If you do not see your pet or the pet’s information is incorrect, email us here. We will correct the issue as soon as possible.

Can I switch out my pet’s photo? If you would like to switch out your pet’s photo for a different one, please email us a new photo here.

I have more questions about the contest or would like to give feedback. You can contact D Magazine by clicking here.