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We Outside: A Guide to DJ Residencies in Dallas

Don't be afraid to go out on Sunday, because nightlife is back.
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Illustration by Andrea Chavez

Last updated: 7/5/22

It all started with the DJ. Specifically, DJ Baby G, who put Dallas on the map when he won the DMC World DJ Championship in 1990.

Twenty-two years after his historic win, DJing is alive in Dallas. Every night, there is a DJ behind a turntable or controller, expressing themselves through a profound love of music. A love that prompts DJ to spend hours, crafting mixes, troubleshooting issues on Serato, and making edits to elevate their craft.

DJing is not the playing of a well-executed playlist (please go to Spotify for that). It’s a craft, a profession. Thankfully, Dallas has an abundance of DJs who understand and respect the art as such. The city has DJs who specialize in Afrobeats, house, hip-hop, global music and so much more.

This listicle is not a comprehensive guide of every DJ residency in Dallas, but an initiation point for readers to broaden their musical tastes. Here are my picks for the best residencies in Dallas.

For Sundays and beyond, below are your best options.

(If you want your residency to be featured or have a recommendation, please feel free to shoot me an email or invite me out…TO THE STREETS. This post will be updated as necessary, so bookmark it.)

Meet Me Underground at Curfew in Fort Worth

*Cue Stefon’s voice from SNL* Fort Worth’s hottest dance party is Meet Me Underground. This Monday night party has everything: ’90s deep house, techno, country, and an anime club. Actually, I’m not sure if it has an anime club (someone report back to me). But its rotating lineup of local and national DJs are worth the late night drive over to Curfew on 350 W. 5th St in downtown Fort Worth.


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