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The Perfect Dallas Playlist for Your Pride Kickback

The party doesn't stop after Pride weekend. Here are a batch of songs from local artists to keep it going through the month.

Celebrating Pride across Zoom squares doesn’t feel the same as dancing with your friends on a crowded floor. As the world is slowly opening back up, our beautiful, vibrant LGBTQ+ community is reuniting to make up for the past year. Although Dallas’ official Pride weekend has come to a close, there’s never a wrong time to kiki with your chosen family over drinks and good music.

Many LGBTQ+ gathering places where the community could congregate and dance were shut down last year. Places like Station 4 and Sue Ellen’s have only recently re-opened within the past few weeks. So now is the time to dance and celebrate Dallas’ incredible queer and trans talent.

We’ve put together a playlist to keep the Pride going!

Who Dat? by Dezi 5 featuring Cure for Paranoia

Singer/songwriter Dezi 5, alongside hip-hop group Cure for Paranoia, has the perfect “getting ready for the function” anthem. Over an electronic dance beat infused with hip-hop elements, Dezi 5 is “the bitch on the list,” and Cure for Paranoia’s Cameron McCloud vows to “outdress your bitch,” as they get ready for a night of partying.

Hot Boy by Fagedelics

Rap duo Fagedelics shut down men who want to bring them home after the function. The lyrics to “Hot Boy” are far from safe for work, with references to “breeding” and “using toys,” and a man “wanting to lick it up like chamoy.” Yhen’s rugged energy and Davida’s divine mystique make for excellent musical chemistry

Gems by SPCMN ft. Thaniabear, TAKA$ and Averi Burk

It’s hard to label SPCMN’s “Gems” with a specific genre, but one of the joys of queer culture is embracing the idea of not fitting into a box. Over a brooding, haunting beat produced by SPCMN and Thaniabear, queer singer Averi Burk follows up an angry yet forlorn verse by rapper TAKA$ with a verse about someone “draining all [her] energy, every day.” Toward the end of the song, we hear a sample of queer singer Sudie’s “Played,” which contains a beautiful interpretation of Keyshia Cole’s “Love.” Albeit somewhat dark lyrically, “Gems” is an adventurous song to which every person who has experienced heartbreak can relate.

Shawty by Jett Jeff

Jett Jeff may be out looking for a “dime piece,” but he’s clear he doesn’t need one. On the West Coast-inspired “Shawty,” he arrives to the party “drippin’, feeling saucy,” ready to throw his ass on the dance floor and have a good time, whether he goes home with someone or not. If you catch him at the function, be mindful of mixed signals, as he proclaims “I’ma call you tomorrow, but first I’m kicking you out.”

Glances by Small Town

Having missed stare-offs between me and strangers at parties, Small Town’s “Glances,” is a reminder of the beautiful people whose names I’ve forgotten. Tensions build as the gender fluid singer and the subject of her desire try to see who will make the first move, and the sense of mystery keeps the listener wanting more. A saccharine, alt-pop influenced track, “Glances” sounds like the beginning of a beautiful queer love story.

Dance Alone by Tayla Parx

Inspired by her then-girlfriend, now-fiance, Tayla Parx’s single “Dance Alone” sees her letting go of her inhibitions and taking a chance by approaching someone for a dance. No one wants to dance alone, and the combination of a groovy bassline and Parx’s soulful high-pitched vocals is sure to bring everyone to the dance floor.

Vibe With You by xbValentine ft. Baby Bash

On xbValentine’s “Vibe With You,” a collaboration with Baby Bash, xbValentine isn’t looking for a relationship, but to see if a woman is “down” before she becomes “all about her.” The Baby Bash feature is a dream come true for xbValentine, whose laid back, easy going energy meshes well with Baby Bash’s player ways.

Jirate by Loners Club

Self-proclaimed “goth soul” singer Loners Club is in the mood to dance. On this kickdrum-driven R&B track, she wants to lose track of time and “Jirate” with someone beautiful, “forget the gravity of questions” and keep going until dawn. The perfect background anthem for locking eyes with your crush and pretending you two are the only ones in the room. And then making out on the couch when everyone else at the party has passed out.

All My Friends Are Pretty by Sarah Jaffe

On her song “All My Friends Are Pretty,” Jaffe recreates the feeling of being in confines with pretty people. Although Jaffe has never spoken on record about her sexuality, she recalls pleasant memories of dancing with a friend named Melanie and getting blackout drunk on the song. When you’re surrounded by beautiful people at a Pride celebration, it’s hard not to fall in love with all of them.

The Kind of Lover I Am by Demi Lovato

On a cut from their 2021 album Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over, Demi Lovato fully embraces their queer identity, with its release timed just weeks before they came out as nonbinary. “Doesn’t matter, you’re a woman or a man, that’s the kind of lover I am,” Lovato sings over a folksy, guitar-driven beat. Lovato has publicly struggled with their sexuality and body image since they were a teen, but on “The Kind of Lover I Am,” they are excited to invite people into their happy, queer world. After all, that’s what Pride is all about; a celebration of love.


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