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Have an Equest Horse Crash Your Video Meeting For Charity

After its annual fundraiser was canceled, the local non-profit found a creative way to raise money while horsing around.
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Equest is one of the most unique charities in Dallas. The nonprofit provides equine therapies to children and adults with diverse needs and veterans with adjustment challenges, “helping them achieve milestones that were sometimes deemed not achievable, by focusing on the human-horse connection.”

In a 2018 survey, 100 percent of the clients who participated in equine-assisted physical therapy demonstrated improved core control and postural alignment. Out of those who participated in therapeutic riding, 73 percent met a daily living goal. The programs include everything from physical and occupational therapy to therapeutic carriage driving, all at highly subsidized rates (and free for veterans through Hooves for Heroes). 

Keeping horses is expensive, so Equest’s annual fundraising gala is crucial for maintaining operations. Since this year’s event has been canceled, the organization came up with another way to raise money. The horses are being put to work, social distancing-style. 

Equest’s horses, mini horses, and Taco, the miniature donkey, are now making appearances on video conference calls. For $50, you can reserve a 10-minute cameo from a four-legged friend of your choosing. You can have Taco crash your company conference call, spice up your friends’ Zoom happy hour, or just provide a fun surprise for your niece/nephew/grandkids. 

The $50 fee goes back to supporting Equest’s mission. Horses are available to join calls Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on a limited basis. Call 972-412-1099 with the date and time of the video conference, payment info, and animal preference to make a reservation. You can check out the therapy animals here, and get horsing around.

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