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The 10 Most-Read Dallas Arts Stories of 2019

We revisit a few of the most popular FrontRow stories of the year.

It’s been a busy, fun, fascinating, and sometimes troubling year in the Dallas arts scene. From reality TV to new cultural hubs, here are a few of the stories that got people talking…

Where To Go Dancing in Dallas 

With the always-changing bar and club scene in Dallas, it can be hard to keep up with where to get down. There are, of course, a few hotspots that never change–take the 108-year-old Sons of Hermann Hall, for example. This guide will give you the lowdown on all our favorite dance floors, whether you’re into swing or salsa. 

Bill Hutchinson Stars on Marrying Millions 

Anyone who’s familiar with Dallas’ 60-year-old real estate mogul Bill Hutchison knows he’s a larger-than-life character. Over the summer, he finally got the Lifetime Network platform he deserved with Marrying Millions, a reality series as delightfully tasteless as it sounds. 

10 Questions With Connor Saeli from The Bachelorette 

Throughout his run on The Bachelorette, Connor S. was one of the quieter contestants. He laid low and avoided drama, and he didn’t get a ton of air time because of it. That didn’t stop most of America from falling for the six-foot-six hunk, and it certainly didn’t stop me from gushing over him whilst conducting this interview. Take note of the JPJ anecdote. 

DMA Closes Sculpture Garden After Guy Skateboards on Art

Was the museum overreacting, or did he damage an important piece of sculpture? In June, a local skateboarder caused a ruckus at the Dallas Museum of Art when he rode atop a Richard Serra sculpture, prompting the DMA to close its sculpture garden for several days. 

An Evening with Bon Jovi and His Rosé at The Joule 

A first-person account of a night as magical as it sounds; Caitlin Clark shares her experience at the Dallas launch of Jon Bon Jovi’s cleverly named wine, Hampton Water. 

Learn Your Galleries: Where To Buy Art in Dallas  

Buying art can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With this extensive guide to Dallas area art galleries, you can figure out how to find local (or not local) art that fits your style, needs, and budget. 

Fort Worth Grapples With the Future of a Former KKK Lodge 

There’s only one building still standing in the world that’s known to be built by and for the Klu Klux Klan. It’s slowly disintegrating in Fort Worth, plopped in the middle of a major development. Some locals want to see it repurposed as a center for healing and culture, while others want to see it reduced to rubble. The future is still up in the air. 

R.I.P. David Berman, the Songwriter Behind the Best Song About Dallas 

Even if you haven’t heard of David Berman and his band Silver Jews, their song “Dallas” should resonate with you. Here, Matt Goodman contemplates the songwriter’s impact on how he came to see the city. 

In Fort Worth, An Old House Is the City’s New Cultural Hub

On the fringes of downtown Fort Worth, local creatives find refuge at FW Blackhouse. The concept by Noel and Sara Viramontes has become a platform for artists and a venue for incredible parties that bring together all sides of the community. 

Get Free Museum, Concert, and Theater Tickets Using Your Dallas Library Card 

Taking a big step forward with its new cultural plan, the City of Dallas introduced Culture Pass this December, a program which allows you to reserve free tickets to art experiences with your library card.


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