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Where To Find Dallas’ Spookiest Haunted Houses

Do you have the moxie to survive the Moxley?

From the moment I arrived, I knew that Moxley Manor Haunted House was going to be scarier than I had anticipated. A Grim Reaper was guarding the ticket booth, and clowns were taunting unsuspecting guests as they waited in line to enter the house.

Now in its tenth year of scares, Bedford’s Moxley Manor gives you three bone-chilling experiences for the price of one ticket, including a remake of Dallas’ real-life murder mansion.

Moxley Manor, the first attraction, isn’t for those spooked by the term “based on true events.” It’s inspired by the murders of Charles Moxley, his wife Grace, and his son William in their Dallas mansion. The family members were brutally killed one by one between 1920-1922. The real house has been abandoned ever since. While Moxley Manor isn’t located on the actual site, its gruesome backstory adds another level of horror that most haunted houses just don’t have.

You’ll get to experience each room, haunted by the spirits of the Moxley family, and their maid Lillian, the prime suspect in their murders. The house got progressively scarier as we walked through, listening to the Moxley’s story along the way.

The second attraction, Big Top Terror, requires 3D glasses, and the neon walls and props are brought to life in a circus of horror. Clowns seemingly pop out of nowhere, and while they do have a no-touch policy, it doesn’t stop them from getting as close as they possibly can. Sneak your way through the narrow halls and you might just survive to experience the third and final house.

Regan’s Revenge, the newest addition at Moxley Manor, was the scariest of them all. Feeling my way around a pitch-black room with only strobe lights to guide me, the anticipation of what was coming next left me searching for the nearest exit. Suddenly, I found myself in a maze.

One wrong turn, and you hit a dead-end. Escape the maze, and you are free. Get lost, and you’re stuck being Regan’s newest playmate—forever.

Moxley Manor is open evenings on Friday through Sunday. Special dates, including Halloween night, have extended hours. Tickets are $25 for all three attractions.

If you’re fiending for more frights, here are some other haunted houses in the DFW area that will leave you satisfyingly spooked.

Cutting Edge

Where: Fort Worth

Price: $34.99

Why: Cutting Edge hold two world records, Longest Walk-through Horror House and World’s Largest Haunted Attraction. Located in an abandoned meat packing plant also known as ‘Hell’s Half Acre,’ you will find yourself getting scared throughout the entire half-mile long journey.

Dark Hour Haunted House

Where: Plano

Price: $35-$42, depending on the day

Why: Dark Hour thinks scares should be available year-round, and holds many different themed events throughout the year. They go all out for Halloween, and their witchy theme will be sure to leave you with a chill down your spine.  

J & F House of Terrors

Where: Garland

Price: $20

Why: Every year the family-owned company does something different, so you never know what to expect. This year, the focus is on urban legends, so be prepared for all the things that scared you as a child to haunt you in your adult life.  

Hangman’s House of Horrors

Where: Fort Worth

Price: $24

Why: This year, Hangman’s was inspired by Texas tales and legends, leading us to “Legends Live Forever,” featuring iconic haunted figures and places such as Hezekiah Jones, known as the Hangman, the Baker Hotel, and the Bexar County Hospital–so you can expect a variety of haunts.

Screams Halloween Theme Park

Where: Waxahachie

Price: $32

Why: This park features five different attractions, each with a unique theme. Whether you want to visit the Zombie Wasteland, or try and survive a stay at Hotel D’Feers, Screams is bound to have something that will scare you silly.


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