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Developer Bill Hutchinson and His Girlfriend Star on New Lifetime Reality Show, Marrying Millions

The show featuring two Dallas couples premieres on July 10.
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While the Lifetime Channel is best known for its amazingly absurd movies, it’s also entered into the business of amazingly absurd reality shows. The creators of the network’s show 90 Day Fiancé have a new premarital docuseries up their sleeves, and Dallas couples are taking center stage. The show is tastefully called Marrying Millions. It is about six couples who found love across “different worlds,” and it premieres July 10.

Bill Hutchinson, the 60-year-old owner and president of commercial real estate company Dunhill Partners, stars with his 21-year-old partner Brianna Ramirez. The two met when Brianna was working as a hostess at a restaurant, and they’ve been spotted out and about in Dallas for a while now. It’s unclear whether they’re officially engaged, but the show says all the couples are “deeply in love and hoping to marry.” In the show’s preview, Brianna seems hesitant to join her philanthropist boyfriend at the many upcoming events in which he’s scheduled to speak. Will she be able to acclimate to life as a Dallas socialite? Only time, and this Lifetime Original Series, will tell.

The other Dallas couple we can expect to see on Marrying Millions is Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce. The age gap and financial situation is flipped here, with Katie being the wealthy ex wife of MLB All-Star and former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton. Her new bae Kolton is a musician and rapper. He just released a single called “Bad at Love,” which I hope doesn’t refer to the trajectory of the couple’s romance.

Check out the video below for a dramatic sneak peek.


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