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Learn Your Galleries: Where To Buy Art in Dallas

A rundown of the city's best places to buy art for every style and budget.

Let’s face it: buying art can be intimidating. Galleries often feel inaccessible, if not a little unwelcoming, especially if you don’t know what you’re walking into. We’ve written about how to buy art before, but where to buy it is another conversation. 

Dallas has a bustling art scene, and it’s worth browsing even if you’re not in the market. If you are looking for some beautiful pieces to add to your art collection, though, it’s useful to know which galleries are your style and in your price range before accidentally falling in love with a $20,000 textile or whatever (it happens). Here’s a rundown of some of the best galleries (plus a few artists with work for sale) in town, and what to expect when you go shopping.

  • Ro2 Art Gallery in the Cedars offers a wide variety of contemporary paintings, works on paper and sculpture from local artists like Brandon Thompson, Aimee Cardoso, Adam Benjamin Fung, and Brian K. Jones. There’s a large variety of work available for under $500, as well as pricier pieces for seasoned collectors. Editor’s pick: this Brandon Thompson original painting for $350.
  • In the Design District, not far from the gallery-stuffed Dragon Street, Cris Worley Fine Arts offers works by artists like Shannon Cannings (whose solo show opens there over the weekend), William Cannings, Timothy Harding, Rusty Scruby, and others. Most pieces are above $1,500, but there are a select few available for under a grand. Editor’s pick: this William Cannings sculpture for $3,500.
  • Galleri Urbane, a chic gallery with posts in Dallas and Marfa, has cutting-edge contemporary art from the likes of Liss LaFleur, Stephen D’Onofrio, Donald Martiny, and many others. Much of the artwork falls between $1,000 to 5,000, with a very small number at or below the $1,000 mark, and several above $5,000. Editor’s pick: this mounted wall sculpture by formerly Dallas-based artist Samantha McCurdy for $1,400.
  • Conduit Gallery in the Design District with cool, modernist works by artists like Margaret Meehan, Marcelyn McNeil, Michael Roch, and Jeff Gibbons. At the end of February, the gallery will present three separate solo exhibitions by Robert Jessup, Dallas-based Susie Phillips, and Dallas-based Keer Tanchak. Most works are between $1,000 and 10,000. If you’re looking for something under the four-digit price point, see these cool silkscreens by Hidenori Oi. If you’re willing to spend more, I would definitely check out the upcoming exhibitions. Keer Tanchak, in particular, is an excellent addition to any Dallasite’s collection.
  • Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden has been supplying Dallas collectors with art since 1954. They offer 19th and 20th century art, early Texas art, and contemporary art. The vast majority is between $1,000 and 5,000, but there are a few nice pieces for under a grand as well. (See this tiny, clever watercolor by Bob Stuth-Wade for $750, or this mixed media piece by Miles Cleveland Goodwin for $750.) Editor’s pick: this mixed media work on paper by the late, Spanish-born, Dallas-based artist Miguel Zapata for $1,800.
  • Fort Works Art, a gallery in – you guessed it – Fort Worth, has modest selection of contemporary art with a young, bold aesthetic by artists like Jessica McClendon, Jay Wilkinson, and Austin Fields. Editor’s pick: one of Dallas-based Dan Lam’s dripping sculptures (price upon request—likely between $1,000 to $2,600 based on similar works by Lam); or this hyper-realistic nude drawing by Marshall Harris ($1,800).
  • Jen Mauldin Gallery is in between physical locations right now, but it’s still offering works by some of the area’s most talented emerging artists on its Artsy account. Click here to browse work by Kyle Steed, Riley Holloway, Derek Nemunaitis, Bang Dang, and others. Editor’s pick: this limited edition giclee print by Kyle Steed for $1,200; or this collage by Danny Joe Rose III for $260.
  • Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art in the Design District keeps things funky and fresh aesthetically speaking. Its current exhibition, SHINY and NEW, features graphic, modern works by Josephine Durkin, Ender Martos, Juan Alberto Negroni, and JM Rizzi. Editor’s picks: this abstract acrylic painting by Dallas-based Favio Moreno for $1,750; or this linear work by Duayne Hatchett circa 1974 for $8,750.
  • Barry Whistler Gallery has been showing local and national artists in Dallas for over three decades. It’s modern, edgy, and a little bit dark. You’ll find pieces by local artists like photographer Allison V. Smith, ceramicist Jonathan Cross, and minimalist Linnea Glatt. Most everything is above $1,000; in fact, much of it is above $5,000, but the selection is great. Editor’s pick: this insane neon installation by Jay Shinn for $65,000.
  • The art at Samuel Lynne Galleries is contemporary, colorful, and sexy. If your style is “glam,” this might be a good fit. Think black-and-white photographs by Tyler Shields and David Yarrow, whimsical paintings by Lea Fisher, and geometric sculpture by Art Fairchild. There are some pieces for under $10,000, but most are more expensive. Editor’s pick: this neon tangle by Lisa Schulte for $16,000.
  • The intimate Erin Cluley Gallery near Trinity Groves has a wonderful, edited selection of modern artists from North Texas and the East Coast, including locals like Francisco Moreno and Kevin Todora.
  • Kettle Art Gallery in the heart of Deep Ellum has been supporting emerging and mid-career local artists for nearly 15 years. The selection is eclectic and affordable, with many artworks available for under $500. Even the world’s most popular boy band found something they liked there.
  • Deep Ellum Art Co. reopened in 2017 as a bar, art gallery, creative space, and performance venue. The gallery has a revolving show of local artists, as well as hosting affordable weekly art markets on Sundays, and letting artists create in its backyard (literally).
  • Dallas photographer, painter, filmmaker, and multimedia artist Jeremy Biggers does it all – from Serious Pizza’s giant slice to Sweet Tooth Hotel’s surreal installations. He sells his own art via his Instagram and website, and things go pretty quick. There are a range of $30 prints available, as well as a selection of original paintings in the thousands range. Editor’s picks: this original hundred dollar bill painting for $2,275; or this hand-cut, signed print for $30.
  • Dallas-based artist Lauren Williams does fine art and modern, neutral home design. The look often includes dip-dyed textiles and lots of fringe. Editor’s pick: this circular, fringey tapestry with gold detail for $1,300.
  • Riley Holloway, who I recently interviewed, and whose work is sold through Jen Mauldin Gallery, also sells his vibrant portraits on his artist website. Browse the selection here.
  • If the Jessica McClendon pieces at Fort Works Art are out of your budget, the artist sells a selection of affordable prints on her website. She also does custom portraits and other work by commission.
  • Kyle Steed, another artist sold through Jen Mauldin, offers some smaller drawings and paintings on his website for as low as $60. He has a pretty big following, so stuff sells out quick. Editor’s pick: this $250 painting.
  • Matthew Brinston’s expressive paintings are sold through Gallerie Noir, which has its art gallery in Miami and its interior design studio in Dallas, as well as through the artist’s website. Editor’s pick: this pair of vivid pink paintings titled ‘Hot Shapes,’ sold for $1,500 each.

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