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Go See Taylor Tomlinson at Addison Improv This Weekend

The hilarious comedian is a millennial for the "non-millennials."
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Photo by Todd Rosenberg via Facebook.

As soon as stand-up comedian Taylor Tomlinson jumped on stage for her first show in Dallas last night, I knew what was coming. She had posted on Facebook a couple of days earlier, joking about Googling Addison, Texas and how it sends very mixed signals about whether the city is separate from Dallas or a part of Dallas. Repeating the anecdote and asking the crowd for answers to this conundrum, her inflections and the communal realization that nobody really knows what Addison is made me laugh all over again.

Los Angeles-based Taylor Tomlinson began doing stand-up at just 16 years old and has already made a name for herself as one of the country’s youngest touring comedian headliners. I’ve followed Tomlinson since I saw her five-minute act on Conan in 2017. She then made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and was a top ten finalist on season nine of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

This fall, Tomlinson joined Conan O’Brien for his “Conan & Friends: An Evening of Stand-Up and Investment Tips” tour. She was an opener for the talk show host for both Texas shows, in Houston and Austin. Conan also filmed a separate bit with the stand-up in Chicago, where he fulfilled Tomlinson’s childhood dream of owning an American Girl doll.

Now Tomlinson’s touring on her own again and is doing a slate of shows at Addison Improv from January 17 through January 20.

Currently on Netflix in Part 1 of The Comedy Lineup, 25-year-old Tomlinson can be seen as a millennial for the “non-millennials.” She’s a comic for those of us old souls who don’t feel like we fit in with the rest of Generation Y. Her comedy is a mix of self-deprecation, jokes about being in her 20s, and painfully accurate observations about the millennial generation. I highly recommend checking out her bit about “candid” photos.

In her new act, without giving too much away because it is a must-see in person, Tomlinson covers everything from dating apps to the unavoidable life decisions that we must begin to confront in our 20s, such as marriage and having kids. And she’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers by working in the crowd and asking questions about their own experiences. But have no fear, she doesn’t do this in an uncomfortable way, like when I was 8 years old and was picked out of the crowd at a magic show to be “cut in half” on stage. I will forever be scarred by that experience, only because I don’t like lots of attention drawn to myself and didn’t particular enjoy seeing my legs suddenly move far away from the rest of my body, while being trapped in a small box. Anyways, Taylor’s great!

Along with stand-up, Tomlinson also hosts a very entertaining and relatable podcast called “Self-Helpless” with fellow comediennes Kelsey Cook and Delanie Fischer. She sounds exactly the same on the podcast as she does in her stand-up. Tomlinson’s openness and authenticity, along with the physical comedy she adds on, such as her hilarious impersonation of a “fun person,” make her a comedian to follow.

Taylor Tomlinson performs five more shows at Addison Improv this weekend, Friday through Sunday evening. Find tickets here. 

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