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Things to Do

Things To Do In Dallas This Fourth of July Week

Fireworks! Fun! Fourth of July! Forward!

The Fourth of July is Wednesday, but we’ve got a whole week on our hands here. There’s the Second of July, the Third of July, and, lest we forget, the Fifth of July. And while we’ve already told you, in detail, where to see Fourth of July fireworks this week, what about those things to do that don’t involve fireworks? These are those things.

Monday (July 2)

The Lion King is in town at the Music Hall at Fair Park, which sent me searching for the English translation of the Zulu verse that opens the song “Circle of Life” in the film. (It’s “here comes a lion.”) The hit musical runs through July 7.

Second Thought Theatre’s world premiere Enemies/People closes this weekend, but not before a pay-what-you-can performance tonight. Head to Bryant Hall on the Kalita Humphreys Theater campus.

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra plays at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. It’s a patriotic program, and yes, there are fireworks. Shows continue Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday (July 3)

Addison’s Kaboom Town continues to be one of the more popular fireworks displays in North Texas, deservedly. It certainly has the best branding. Have you ever said the words “Kaboom Town” aloud? It feels great.

Shakespeare is fine indoors, even better outdoors. Catch Shakespeare in the Park’s Comedy of Errors on Tuesday, The Taming of the Shrew the rest of the week at Samuell  Grand Park.

Wednesday (July 4)

The Kobayashis and Joey Chestnuts of Dallas scarf down corn dogs at 5 p.m. in a grotesque display of competitive corn dog eating. It’s the Brass Knuckle Corn Dog Beatdown.

Where do you like your fireworks? Fair Park? The Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge? Frisco?

Thursday (July 5)

Donny and Marie are playing Verizon Theatre.