Penelope Spheeris, at Texas Theater for The Decline of Western Civilization screening. courtesy Penelope Spheeris

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: June 14-17

Father's Day dinner plans, the Oak Cliff Film Festival, Dave Heath's photography at the Amon Carter.

Thursday, June 14

The Oak Cliff Film Festival begins today with a screening of the Joan Jett documentary Bad Reputation. Director Kevin Kerslake made videos for Mazzy Star, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth before he moved on, inexplicably, to Daughtry and Blue October. He’ll be at Texas Theatre for a Q&A after the film. Jamie Laughlin guides you through the rich lineup’s main roads and alleyways in her essential preview.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses opens at Theatre Three. Based on the juicy 1782 novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos and popularized as the film Dangerous Liasons, the tragedy centers jealous aristocrats who spin out into fatal attraction and desire for revenge. (As I reached for the popcorn emoji, I wondered about the 18th century French equivalent. After some research I have confirmed the bonbon emoji would fit best here— specifically animal-shaped Angélique de Niort.)

Friday, June 15

It’s getting too hot to procrastinate against shopping for summer clothes. Where to, then? Five Dallas models shared their favorite stores and the beauty products they’d save first from their melting cars.

Jeremy Enigk is at Club Dada tonight. The former Sunny Day Real Estate frontperson is not touring behind new music. Even better, he’s back on his 1996 solo release Return of the Frog Queen which scooped the kind of sharp orchestral arrangements Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird would come to favor (and soften.)

Saturday, June 16

In the first in-depth showing of Dave Heath’s intimate early black-and-white photographs at the Amon Carter, viewers meet the self-taught artist at his most vulnerable. Heath was abandoned by his parents at age 4 and started taking photos as a teenager. Tenderness, curiosity, and loneliness come through in these first images. While the kind of street photography that’s popular right now can get the mind racing with implied motion, Heath’s work creates a stillness around it that feels rare.

Back to OCFF, for a sec: Filmmaker Penelope Spheeris of Wayne’s World and The Decline of Civilization series fame hangs out to talk after a screening of a documentary called Half the Picture. It attempts to explain the foundational absence of women’s perspectives onscreen, with stories like the one Spheeris tells about the Weinsteins in this Q&A. 

Sunday, June 17

It’s Father’s Day. You could cook for your dad, or you could choose from this list Catherine Downes put together of steakhouses, brewpubs, and the like.