Charly Bliss is at Three Links Wednesday. Shervin Lainez

Things to Do

Things To Do In Dallas This Week: May 7 – 10

True stories of love, storm chasing, and zoning laws.

Monday, May 7

If you’ve read poet and critic Maggie Nelson’s memoir The Argonauts, you know the fascinating theory she posits about pregnancy: that, because of the profound changes it puts the body through, it is an inherently queer transformation. (The title is from Roland Barthes’ writing about how the Argonauts remade their ship by replacing each piece but keeping its name and form.) Like all of Nelson’s work, this book is a volume of questions and references. The Women Galore book club will parse them out at its first meeting of the year tonight at Wild Detectives.

Tuesday, May 8

The Dallas International Film Festival continues at the Magnolia. Tonight’s recommended double feature: Frame of Mind: Remixing the Newsa series of shorts made from footage in WFAA’s archives and reviewed here by Peter Simek, is at 6 p.m. Stick around for Generation Wealth, an outgrowth of photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield’s psychological inquiry into obsession with money and all the forms it takes, at 7:30.


Wednesday, May 9

Charly Blissconflicted, laconic anthems are like dirt painted over with metallic nail polish. In the best way. If you like L7’s take on grunge, you might concede to like this band about four songs in at Three Links.

To know zoning laws as an Oak Cliff resident is to gain power to reshape the immediate future when it comes to equitable development and political representation. Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas gives a Zoning 101 Workshop at Oak Cliff Cultural Center for the first Horchata Night co-hosted by Giovanni Valderas.

Thursday, May 10

At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Dallas-based literary journalist Brantley Hargrove talks about his book The Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras after an IMAX screening of Tornado Alley. It’s all free. Hargrove’s already made the rounds on Think with Krys Boyd,  in the New York Times, and in the April issue of D Magazine with this excerpt.

The silly and loud double-metal-bill of Primus and Mastodon roars to South Side Ballroom.