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Catherine Lowe Looks Back with D Weddings

Four years after her fairytale wedding, the Bachelor winner reminisces on the big day.
By Caitlin Clark |

Some people may remember where they were when they watched Kate Middleton say “I do” to Prince William, or the royal-themed snacks they laid out to watch Princess Diana’s vows. But for me, the televised wedding event I hold dear is that of Sean and Catherine Lowe. (I also loved watching Luann de Lesseps marry to a man named Tom, but for totally different reasons.)

I remember the white wine my friends and I drank on that cozy Sunday night in January. How we concluded that only someone as cute as Catherine Guidici could get away with wanting a wedding theme that was “grown sexy.” And how we all genuinely teared up when Sean began crying during the ceremony. It was sheer reality TV bliss you could actually believe in, and — as it turns out — you would have been right to do so.

In honor of the Dallas-based couple’s fourth wedding anniversary, Catherine shared a sweet look back at the event on D Weddings. Go relive the decidedly “grown sexy” affair.