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Visit Twin Peaks’ Snoqualmie Falls With Denton Musician Claire Morales

She barely missed Agent Dale Cooper, and all she got was this music video for the dreamy Saudade Sisters song "Where You Are."
By Lyndsay Knecht |
courtesy Saudade Sisters

The windows are thick with fog today at D Magazine headquarters. And I found just the song for it. After crashing on Thursday morning deadlines, I fished my earbuds out of my bag, plugged them in (to the wrong jack on my computer), and decompressed with the video released this morning for Saudade Sisters’ “Where You Are” (for the rest of the room to also hear).

A full minute into the velvet harmonies shared by Denton guitarist and singer Claire Morales and her Seattle collaborator Jena Pyle (Sundae Crush), I noticed the pointing, and the gesturing. What do you need? I shot back at everyone with my eyes, and removed my headphones. The guitar’s drawl continued to float gently through the office, and the fact slowly materialized: I hadn’t been alone in escaping to Snoqualmie Falls, where Twin Peaks and the video were filmed. Slow-zooms on VHS camera of Morales and Pyle holding hands from opposite sides of a table at the Double D Diner, and picnicking on ’90s grass-green earth, and driving out of the forest in pitch-black night nipped by superimposed flames — all this, with the deep sway of the song, had me far away.


Morales, whose knockout songwriting has produced a very anticipated solo album out in June, says she and Pyle were filming their break at Snoqualmie amid a chain of Saudade Sisters shows. Later they scanned their feeds and noticed Twin Peaks lead Kyle MacLachlan had been there too. There’s a mild David Lynch read in the video, with its grainy romantic naiveté and a feeling that something evil is coming. But only as much as a similar style appears in, say, Kate Bush’s work.


You can hear Morales play her music March 2 at Main at South Side in Fort Worth. 

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