In the Art Deco bas-relief "Speed" by Pierre Bourdelle (1936), the image of a man being carried by an angel over an entrance to the Centennial Building is meant to represent air travel. A concession worker's hat gets caught in the sweep. October 18, 2017. Creagh Cross

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Slideshow: The Shapes Of Fair Park

As the grounds emptied of fairgoers, photographer Creagh Cross studied the lonely splendor of eight historic places.

On Tuesday, voters approved $50 million in bonds for the repair and upkeep of Fair Park facilities. We could be in for some surprises.

Over the years restoration projects and fix-ups have facilitated new discoveries regarding the history of the buildings and public art at Fair Park.  Murals by Italian artist Hector Serbaroli, for example, in the the Food and Fiber Building, were rescued from underneath layers of paint in 1999 as part of a conservation project.

But you don’t have to wait until the cranes come out to see more, if you look closer in the offseason — and during the Fair, for that matter. Photographer Creagh Cross was assigned to cover the Fair for D. He stuck around after the gates closed, and came back with a full tour of quieter acts and shadows on the grounds. Here’s more of his work.