Looks Like Alternative Rock Radio May Return to Dallas

About a year after the death of 102.1 The Edge, some compelling speculation that the format is about to come back to North Texas airwaves.

Here’s an article from industry publication RadioInsight, found via Reddit, that makes a pretty convincing case alternative rock music is going to return to Dallas airwaves, more than a year after the death of 102.1 The Edge.

Short version: Industry players Entercom and CBS Radio are merging. After Entercom completes said acquisition, it will own 12 alt-rock stations in markets that do not include Dallas. Here’s RadioInsight:

That gives a solid group to sell to national ad buyers attempting to reach younger male audiences. And Entercom may just not be done there. Rumors have been flying over the past few days that one of the company’s first moves will be to flip CHR “Amp 103.7” KVIL Dallas to Alternative. We reported last month on an anonymous registration of, which is being used as a decoy to point to iHeart’s “Alt 104.9” KLLT St. Louis and have been told that the domain is likely for use for Entercom post-merger closing. Dallas has been without the format since last November’s flip of 102.1 KDGE to AC.

That would now give Entercom three Alternative stations in top five markets. Add AAA 93.1 WXRT Chicago (as well as 105.5 WMMM Madison) for sales purposes and you now have four and leaving one gaping hole for the format and the company. CHR “92.3 Amp” WBMP New York is currently struggling with a 2.0 share in a market where no non Hip-Hop music station is targeting 18-49 year old men. Adding New York and Dallas enables record label support behind the format and gives Entercom the ability to package the top five markets for national sales and marketing partnerships along with the other eleven stations mentioned.

All well and good, but we’d really prefer if somebody brought back classic hip-hop.


  • The_Overdog

    Oh good! I am so mad at that $5 I had to spend buying Foo Fighters, Sublime, and RHCP songs off Itunes to recreate The Edge’s entire playlist.

    And that The Edge replacement stations is totally necessary if you want to spend your entire driving listening to nothing but Fleetwood Mac. 98.7, 92.5, 1003. and 102.1 creates the loop.

  • Michael Blakley

    Oh okay, well if the alternative music station wants to move back to kdge fm, then I suggest that the alternative music station would add its music station to kdge HD 2.