Dinosaur Jr is at Granada on Saturday.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Oct. 12-15

Dinosaur Jr, Rock Lottery, early Día de los Muertos with Teatro Dallas, and an anything-goes open mic.

Thursday, Oct. 12

No horror classic is safe from local artist Clay Stinnett, who depicts characters from the likes of Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Horrorshow. Stinnett’s paintings lean toward pop culture while still favoring an abstract style and applying a streak of the grotesque. Safe Room, Texas Theatre.  -AP

It’s Flamenco Night at Wild Detectives. That means you can glimpse Saturday’s crowning set of the Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival — its headliners, who hail from cities around the world, hold court for an intimate set: dancer/singer Manuel Gutierrez, singer/guitarist Jose Cortez Fernandez, guitarist Ricardo Diaz, and dancer Jorge Robledo are supported by local performers. -LK

Animated French feature The Triplets of Belleville (2003) is scored live outside AT&T Performing Arts Center by Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville with composer Benoit Charest himself. -LK

Friday, Oct. 13

The night sky offers many gifts, but you have to know where to look. Ray Roberts Lake State Park will be hosting a “make your own starwheel” event at their Isle du Bois unit’s Lost Pines Amphitheater in Pilot Point. Entrance fee is $7 for adults, free for kids twelve and under — an ideal way to spend the calendar’s coincidence whether you’re an amateur astronomer just starting out or a tried and true stargazer.  -AP

Celebrate Día de los Muertos a bit early at Teatro Dallas for the premiere of An Evening with Two Giants, wherein deceased writers Juan Rulfo and Alfred Cardona Peña meet in a cemetery to tell their stories. Day of the Dead altars for Rulfo and Peña made by local artists will help patrons remember and celebrate those who have passed while contemplating the ways in which their spirits remain.  -AP

Saturday, Oct. 14

Five bands are playing at Dan’s Silverleaf. I don’t know their names yet. Neither do the musicians. But I can fully endorse this event and even caution you not to miss it. I know. It’s CRAZY. Rock Lottery’s 20th Anniversary lineup shuffles the likes of Sudie, Daniel Francis Doyle and 23 other team players to form groups for a day, write songs and arrange covers to perform at a benefit for community radio station KUZU 92.9. Get tickets before they’re gone.  And! A special broadcast on the history and mystique of Rock Lottery on the station called WHAT’S WITH THE HAT runs on the station from 8-10 p.m Friday, with music selections representing the lineup taking over that second hour. -LK

For the first time since its creation, Paris-born, Guadalajara-based artist Carlos Ranc will be showing his work from the 2012 Clipperton Project at Culture Hole in An Exhibition of Failures. Thematically, Ranc’s work tends to question authorship while toeing the line between the objectual and the performative, while his Clipperton Project work, which was the result of being voluntary stranded on Clipperton Island with 21 other artists and scientists from around the world, explores “fears of desertion, isolation, wreckage and loss inherent within the territory explored.” -AP

Alec: Did you know you can Become A Dallas Theater Person In One Month With This Insane Guide?

Reader: That seems a lofty claim.

Alec: Have you seen the post, though?

Reader: Clicks begrudgingly. Damn, okay. This is pretty thick. Scrolls, enlivening. I see Shadow Woman opens tonight at Bath House Cultural Center. Where would you rank that, priority-wi—

Alec: I think this play is the number one play to see in October.

(This scene was not approved by Alec, but it was inspired by actual events at my desk.) -LK

Sunday, Oct. 15

If you’re ready to crack something truly new, make time for Avant To Leave This Planet, an evening of experimental performance art presented by DR Show at the Tradewinds Social Club. The medium of the quasi open-mic is unspecified, so there’s no telling what wonderful weirdness you might see (or perform) beyond the headliner: the proposal of HR 218, “the bill to end EVERYTHING and make everyone just quit it and just shut it all down.” -AP

More this weekend, i.e. Dinosaur Jr, Spoon, and a new show at the Nasher, is here.