Janet Jackson is at American Airlines Center Thursday. c/o Janet Jackson

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Things To Do In Dallas This Week: Sept. 11-14

Come on time for the openers.

Monday Sept. 11

Francine Thirteen commands a room with her velvet phrasing and sharp dynamics.  In the expert way she claims language for her own work before anyone else can assign their words, “ritual pop” is a phrase Thirteen coined to describe her own music; Dark Rooms exists somewhere on the hem of that microgenre, a blend of deep-groove R&B and falsettoed anxiety best expressed in the track from their brand new record Distraction Sickness  that ended up on the soundtrack for A Ghost Story: “I Get Overwhelmed.” Dark Rooms headlines Club Dada tonight, Midnight Opera’s in the middle, and you should arrive close to doors at 7 so as not to miss this:

SRSQ is the new project of Kennedy Ashlyn (Them Are Us Too), and if the intrigue of TAUT’s strange angel voices and drone-friendly meandering is any hint, this early set is one you’ll want to have witnessed. Aztec Death joins SRSQ in opening for Los Angeles goth-gaze duo Drab Majesty at Three Links.  A preview, which doesn’t get to Drab’s fixation with Heaven’s Gate, is here.

Tuesday Sept. 12

The first session of an African drum class is free for one night only. It’s taught by Aly Mbaye, whose family is from Senegal, at Unity on Greenville.

DART’s board put off a decision on whether they’ll increase public transportation fares by 20 percent, which means you still have time to voice concerns to the powers that be. The meeting is at DART’s HQ at the Akard station.

Wednesday Sept. 13

In my head, Baltimore’s Future Islands make lite synth-pop to roller-skate to, which is kind of how I feel about Twin Shadow, until I turn it on again and feel a stronger current.  FI are at The Bomb Factory.

It’s LGBT Comic Night at Red Pegasus Comics, which has book-club style gatherings to discuss, for example, Miss America Chavez’s own Marvel thread, America

Thursday Sept. 14

Janet Jackson‘s All For You tour at American Airlines Center 16 years ago this month was an absolute theatrical triumph in my tweenage mind – for all the spectacle of giant toys bouncing on trampolines during “Runaway” the most memorable few minutes included a male volunteer from the audience, a rotating table, and the first ever mild display of BDSM in my memory. She’s back to finish the tour she started two years ago.

Nan Coulter has contributed to the Dallas Morning News and various publications – including ours – for more than 20 years as a photojournalist. But she too, has her own stories, and her first solo exhibition in Dallas opens at Goss-Micheal Foundation.

Ten Things I Hate About You (1999) screens at Griggs Park. (Wherever would Kat go near Uptown, now that even Windmill Lounge is done up?)